Make Hiring Easier with CareerPlug Evolved

Home Care Evolution has teamed up with CareerPlug to lay out an easy-to-use system that automates many of the tedious, manual steps of the hiring process and provides you built-in evaluation tools so that you can confidently identify, interview, evaluate, and hire the right person.


CareerPlug Basic


    • Mobile optimized job postings
    • Pre-written job templates for your brand
    • Branded careers page
    • Configurable applicant prescreen questions
    • Indeed “Easy Apply” & ZipRecruiter “1-click Apply”
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Phone and email support and online help center access
    • Email templates for every step in the hiring process

CareerPlug Evolved 

      • Everything that comes with Basic plus these additional topics
      • Easy-to-use hiring software for all things recruiting and hiring
      • Pre-built system with personality assessments, interview questions, customizable careers page, and more!
      • Customizable evolved pre-loaded templates
      • UNLIMITED job posting to major job boards
      • Post to all the major job boards in just one click
      • Training on best practices in hiring for the industry
      • Organize and evaluate candidates quickly and easily with scorecards
      • Never lose an applicant from delayed response
      • Automated emails and texts through every step of the process
      • Calendar integration for scheduling interviews more efficiently
      • Track your recruiting team efforts and results easily with multiple reports and detailed statistics
      • Additional support and training from Home Care Evolution
      • 25% off additional locations

It has been an immense help to us by speeding up and streamlining our hiring process.

“Our caregiving agency is a big fan of Hurricane Marketing. We’ve studied the docs and watched the webinars, and translated what we’ve learned into improvements in our operation. So we happily signed up for the CareerPlug Evolved applicant tracking system when Home Care Evolution offered their version of CP. It has been an immense help to us by speeding up and streamlining our hiring process. Meghan Smith’s enthusiastic and informative webinar was particularly helpful in preparing us to use the software. Previously we put ads on Indeed, contacted applicants by phone or text to prequalify them, then set up face-to-face interviews. It took up about half of my time as the Director of Personnel. The change in our process was dramatic. For one thing, our job postings drew many more applicants because of the multiple job platforms CareerPlug Evolved appeared on. But we particularly appreciate the time-saving feature that enables me to review resumes and send the promising ones to Autopilot, where the applicant can set up an interview on their own, at a time that works for them. That time-saving feature liberated me from hours of phone-work and the Autopilot alone is worth adopting the CareerPlug Evolved software, in my opinion.
Mose Richards
Director of Personnel
Close To Home Caregivers LLC
Sarasota, Florida”

Between the efficiencies gained and money saved by implementing Career Plug Evolved, I would highly recommend

We have been using Careerplug Evolved since Hurricane Evolution first introduced it with their partnership. Having used Careerplug several years ago without much success, I was very excited to see the industry-specific touches that Hurricane Evolution had added to the service.

One of the great benefits we realized immediately was having a Career Plug consultant work directly with us to ensure that our job postings on Indeed were actually visible without having to sponsor every job. The money that we saved in reduced sponsorships was significant.

We have also gained tremendous efficiencies in being able to use job templates for caregiver openings, which allow us to stagger several different job posts ensuring that there are always postings towards the top of the Indeed searches.  Another efficiency that we have gained is being able to send out reminders to the applicants after they have set up an interview. Previously we used a different service for the interview reminders, so in addition to saving time, we also saved money spent on that service. Our hiring team also uses the applicant tracking system to document where candidates are in the hiring process and as a communication tool with built-in messaging based on different stages of the hiring process.

Between the efficiencies gained and money saved by implementing Career Plug Evolved, I would recommend every Home Care agency owner take the time to evaluate how this product could potentially improve their hiring process.

Chris Mihm
Freedom Home Care, LLC

We had an amazing amount of success.

We started using Careerplug in October 2023, we had an amazing amount of success. It has completely transformed our recruiting department bringing in double resumes at the last quarter of the year. Compared to the first 3. We are meeting our goals of hiring 12 new caregivers every month. I am forever grateful for this easy platform that is changing our numbers for the best. Thank you, Careerplug !!!!

Sadie Kvenild
Peggy’s Home Care

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CareerPlug Evolved FAQs

1. I already have a CareerPlug account. How is CareerPlug with Home Care
Evolution different?

A: Every Home Care Evolution account is powered by CareerPlug Evolved. In addition, the Home Care Evolution team has fully customized the network accounts for top performance in the Home Care industry. This includes proprietary tools and resources like the Home Care Evolution Job Template Library, Caregiver Interview Guides, and Optimized Hiring Workflows. Home Care Evolution is also a member of CareerPlug’s Partner Advisory Board, which gives the network special access to features in development and beta testing of new tools. But most importantly, you have the support of your Home Care Evolution coach to ensure your hiring success!

2. What is CareerPlug Evolved?

CareerPlug Evolved is a game-changing solution that automates and streamlines the interview scheduling process. Using CareerPlug Evolved, you can cut interview scheduling time by up to 91% and get up to 8 times more interviews scheduled! It empowers you to hire faster with fewer resources and get back to running your business!

3. Can I text candidates with CareerPlug Evolved?

YES! SMS communication is built into CareerPlug Evolved, and there are no additional charges for texts– they are unlimited! Best of all, CareerPlug Evolved includes Autopilot which automates text messaging to candidates. This means you can engage with candidates, schedule interviews, confirm appointments, send reminders and hire faster all through a single click!

4. How many jobs am I allowed to post?

You do not have a limit on the number of jobs you are allowed to post. We encourage you to only have job openings posted for positions that you are looking to fill.

5. Where are my jobs advertised when I post a job in my CareerPlug account?

Your jobs will automatically be posted to our network of 15+ job board partners, including- Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and more…

6. How many different cities can I post a job in?

CareerPlug Evolved has the ability to post a job anywhere in the United States. Each account is specifically configured to your hiring territory to determine the size and number of available locations. Please work closely with your Home Care Evolution coach to ensure your needs are met.

7. How many users can my account have?

You are allowed to have as many users as you need, and every user has access to unlimited in-platform texting and the Autopilot automation tool. If you have to limit visibility for some users, you are also able to restrict user access as well.