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February 24th & 25th | 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM ET

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This Virtual Workshop will show you how to “CRUSH IT” making 2022 your best year ever!


How To Attract The BEST Caregivers


How To MAXIMIZE Your Profits


How To FREE Yourself From Day To Day Operations

Early Bird Ends Jan 31st | NOW ONLY $199

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Hear from the attendees!


Our Source For Growth & Renewal

“I first met Steve and his team in Cincinnati in the fall of 2018. Hearing someone that has actually worked in the home care industry offering plans and strategies backed by success was a huge motivator. I took the plunge attending a boot camp in the spring of 2019 and signed up for coaching later that year. Working with my coach Jen we focused on plans and marketing programs to grow our relationships. The weekly calls kept me on task, Jen, as all of Steve’s coaches worked in the industry so her thoughts were based on success. If you need that extra push to get or stay on track this is the team you need to use. A final thought despite the challenges of Covid we are up an incredible 48% from 2019”

Submitted by Home Helpers Of Northeastern Illinois

Extremely inspiring and insightful

“I first attended Hurricane Bootcamp, virtually, and I got so excited about the information they provided me on several topics. My franchise owner then purchased the momentum package and we loved every minute. We also purchased personalized coaching sessions. Everyone is very helpful and respond quickly if you email them with any questions.I highly recommend Hurricane Marketing for anyone, whether you’re struggling with your business or just want some ideas to better your company, they give you so many ideas that include thinking outside of the box for marketing, managing your office staff, and much more.

Submitted by Chasity Self

Replicate Results. Not Work.

Highlighted Topics


$5 Million Blueprint

Steve “The Hurricane” will walk you through what percentage of market share you need to obtain, how much office staff is necessary to accomplish this and what positions you need to have, the recruitment effort required, and the cost expenditure in order to generate $5+ million in private pay revenue.

Topics to be discussed during this session:

  • Operational KPIs and systems
  • What are takes away from a referral and fulfillment standpoint
  • Costs, timeline, and support necessary to fulfill


The Business Goes Where You Go

Discover the 5 wellnesses that you will need to keep yourself as balanced as possible. The better we are as business owners the better our business will be. In this session, Steve will cover the balance needed from your social, spiritual, and financial state as an owner.

Topics to be discussed during this session:

  • Creating the perfect work-life balance for yourself
  • Unlocking the key to true joy and happiness in life
  • How to create a routine that is both fulfilling and productive in your work


Managing Your Office Staff

Managing people is one of the more challenging responsibilities of running a business, mostly because there is no “one size fits all” way to manage all the different personalities on a team. Workers have a wide range of needs, expectations, skills, and motivators, so managers often must change their style and approach from one employee to the next. In this session, Steve will cover how to clearly define staff roles and responsibilities, how to clearly communicate expectations and evaluate performance, and begin to create the structure and culture that so many workers require to thrive

Topics to be discussed during this session:

  • How to uncover what motivates each individual on your team
  • Creating bonus structures that reward positive results
  • Performance improvement plans for underperforming staff members
  • Troubleshooting internal conflicts between staff


Recruitment Through Better Retention

It’s no secret the biggest challenge the home care agency is facing today is getting more caregivers. This session is going to instruct how our ability to retain caregivers for a longer period of time will influence our ability to attract new caregivers.

Topics to be discussed during this session:

  • Building a career path
  • Proper management and oversight of caregivers
  • Supporting Caregivers in the field
  • Creating shift work for caregivers


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Your business is an ever-evolving entity. Through tracking and reporting, we’ve learned that agencies that have failed to adapt and change with the times struggle greatly. With more and more competition, an increase in pricing, and labor shortages our ability to handle inquires is more important than ever.

Topics to be discussed during this session:

  • How to properly handle an inquiry call
  • Custom pricing
  • How to have a 1 hour turnaround time
  • Compensating caregivers based on experience and certifications

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Hear from the attendees!


NO better partner to help me grow my business!

Without a doubt – the luckiest day for me and my business was discovering Hurricane Marketing – Steve Weiss – his entire team and our incredible one on one coach. Within one year, they have helped guide me with important strategic decisions and it only took about 30 days to understand the overall value of all the of the programs, boot camps, individual coaching, mastermind classes/coaching – I could go on and one. They are the REAL deal and they are worth every single dollar that I pay for the advice and personal attention that I receive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in this industry and I am happy to talk to any prospective client. Thanks Hurricane Marketing for all you do for us!

Submitted by Anne E

A must have for the success of your business

Hurricane Marketing provides you with a very in depth and detailed approach oh how to win referrals and grow your business. The information is very detailed and easy to digest. It provides a plethora of approaches based upon the referral source and the best practices for each approach. The coaching sessions are a must and vital to our understanding and implementation of the knowledge and tools hurricane provides. Melissa Bagley is fantastic and a vital member of our team. She is fully invested and committed to our development and success.

Submitted by WholeCare

Who Should Attend?










The Crush It In 2022 Virtual Workshop’s sole mission is to help home care business owners work smarter not harder. This event will streamline your operations, simplify complicated processes, decrease your workload while making more money.


$199 Early Bird Sale Ends Jan 31st

Only 250 Spots Available
Reserve Yours Now!

Hear from the attendees!


Grew my office staff and grew our referral partners

“The home care business is hard enough during normal times but during the last nine-months, it has been even more difficult. No access to referral partners, care providers on edge, clients equally on edge… If you are reading this, you know what I mean. I started my coaching sessions with Kelly Szwed mid-pandemic and she provided great insight, ideas and most importantly a positive energy and ability to listen.

Kelly helped me make decisions to grow my office staff and helped me think through which positions to prioritize and hire. She helped me find ways to have fun and create fun for our referral partners without ever entering their buildings – and they appreciated our effort. There is not doubt Kelly helped me successfully manage through my third year in business and grow during COVID.

Kelly’s positive NJ perspective (maybe an oxymoron) is infectious and so very helpful.”
Submitted by SYNERGY HomeCare

Helped me connect with referral sources

I have been working with a coach from Hurricane Marketing for about 1.5 years. I have learned valuable information on marketing my business. I am not a natural marketing/sales person. I lacked the confidence and expertise to make cold calls on my own. Through my time with my coach, Kelly Szwed, I have learned techniques to build my confidence and help me connect with referral sources. I have learned so much through the webinars, HCRB website and Boot Camps from Steve as well. I love the “killer campaigns” that we have developed together and creating my brag book. My calls with Kelly every week help me to stay focused and on track. During this pandemic everyone finds it difficult to get “in” to see referral sources. I have been encouraged, by Kelly, to think outside the box and find ways to stay relevant. Even though I am unable to get “in” many of my sources, I am doing events for them and with them. This includes the communities employees, office/sales team and their residences. I have received more referrals from these sources in the past few months than I have ever before. I know if I need help with anything home care marketing related, I can count on Steve the Hurricane and my coach, Kelly Szwed.

Submitted by Debbie Humphrey

Learn from the best in the business.

Featured Speakers


Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker, known for his expert knowledge in all things sales and marketing. From a young age, Steve has been driven to succeed and excelled across vastly different industries. Steve founded Hurricane Marketing Enterprises in 2012 with a goal to help other business owners around the globe.

Steve’s passion is to lead business owners on the path to find people in need of their services and convert these prospects into clients. His company’s mission statement is to help business owners increase their census, revenue, and profits. Through his programs and presentations, he has guided thousands of individuals to grow their organizations and continues to help them blow away the competition.

With his dedication and hard work, Steve has developed a foolproof program that enables start-up companies to quickly get ahead of the competition while helping existing businesses experience an explosive transformation. Many of his clients double and even triple annual revenue in as little as 6 months.


Melissa Bagely

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Melissa Bagley has over fifteen years of industry experience. She most recently was a VP of Marketing for a Private Duty Home Care Company for 3.5 years overseeing 15 Senior Care Liaisons within 9 different offices throughout Florida. Melissa has extensive experience with startups, as well as established (10+ Million Dollar Agencies) home care companies.

She has developed numerous marketing plans that have guaranteed growth year over year no matter how big or small the company. She has recently led the charge in creating new methods and best practices for marketing under the new guidelines and restrictions related to COVID-19 for us.

Over the past 4 months, she has worked with over 100 individuals specifically focused on navigating these changes in the industry and helping them stay in front of the key contacts in their territories. Many of her clients have even made their local news with the creative and outside of the box initiatives they have put in place.

Kelly Szwed

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Kelly Szwed is a Business Coach and the Event On-Site Liaison for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. She comes to the HME team with a professional background in marketing, advertising, public relations, event planning and small business development spanning almost twenty years.

Prior to joining HME, Kelly was a marketing liaison with a private duty homecare company, where she successfully liaised with hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation facilities and assisted living communities. She generated referrals from both new and existing sources, which led to increased revenue for the agency.

Kelly’s experiences in B2B and B2C sales and marketing, along with her passion for entrepreneurship as a former business owner in holistic health, and a home care marketer makes her a great addition to the HME coaching team.

Kelly studied Psychology at Rider University, received state certification in Holistic Health and Massage Therapy at Health Choices Institute, and has a certification in Event Management from Mercer County Community College She also prides herself as a Certified Life and Business Coach with a certification from World Coach Academy.

Meghan Smith

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Meghan Smith is a Business coach for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. She comes to the team with professional background marketing to homecare and hospice. Meghan started her career in the healthcare industry 12 years ago.

In 2014, Meghan got Hurricanized directly from the source himself and has dominated the industry. Today Meghan helps her clients increase their weekly billable hours and revenue, by bringing value to their referral sources, and increasing her client’s community outreach.

With Meghan’s energetic personality, she motivates her clients and pushes them to achieve greatness through structured business analysis, goal setting, and motivation.

Alex Winningham

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Alex joins the Hurricane Coaching Team with nearly a decade in the healthcare industry. Starting in Assisted Living, she learned the value of listening. Each family would come in with different circumstances, and her job was to listen, affirm and guide them to the right choice. Experiencing what its like from the inside of a community brought her the insight she needed when she transitioned into home care.

Joining the home care world as a marketing representative, she quickly climbed the ranks in the industry. After just 6 months, she volunteered to co-lead a networking group of 65 people and after a few short years, helped grow it to over 300 people. She became a master networker, dynamic speaker and “go-to” girl in the senior care industry.

When Alex isn’t working, she enjoys time with her (almost) teenage son, 2 chihuahuas and friends. Her passion for health & wellness encompasses meditation, holistic modalities, yoga, infrared sauna sessions and developing a growth mindset through daily education and self reflection.

She believes all people can have the life they desire. With determination, consistency and an open mind, anything is possible.

Only 250 Spots Available

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What Past Attendees Are Saying…

Great Program, Even Better Coach!

“Hurricane Marketing went above and beyond my expectations. I truly have gained so much knowledge and information from their programs and cannot say enough good things about the coach we were assigned. “

Submitted by Natalie Kidwell

Use Hurricane Marketing and your business will grow!

Hurricane Marketing has been an extremely valuable in growing my business. This company truly cares and goes over and beyond. Steve Weiss is a mastermind genesis in home care knowledge and shares everything he knows to be successful. his training has allowed me to be more confident and has given me the tools to be successful in all areas of my business. I highly recommend Hurricane Marketing!

Submitted by Jennifer Kelber


Having a sales coach has been a great addition to our team — someone to keep us accountable, and who gets to really know our business and provide recommendations. Melissa Bagley is motivating, knowledgeable, creative, and a problem solver.

Submitted by John N

Coaching Services Are Great

“I have been a client of Hurricane Marketing since August 2020, and it has been a great experience. We are on weekly coaching calls with Melissa, and she really has pushed us our of our comfort zone to become a top agency. She has provided so many great tips and ideas to help us increase our referrals, and create stronger relationships with our community power partners. Our business has grown tremendously due to her coaching and support.”

Submitted by Immaculate Homecare Services

Helped Me Rebuild My Infrastructure

“I can not stop bragging on how awesome the team at Hurricane Marketing is! My current coach Kelly Szwed has help me rebuild my infrastructure after being in business for 10yrs. She has helped me tremendously with remotivating my team as well recruiting the best caregivers for my organization. We have increased our private pay revenue by another 15% since my last review! I definitely recommend Hurricane Marketing!”

Submitted by Yolanda Ceasar

Love This Team

I absolutely love everything that Hurricane Marketing Enterprises offers our home care company. Their formulas have proven to be very successful for us and Melissa Bagley has been extremely motivating and helpful throughout our coaching sessions.

Submitted by Comfort Keepers

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