Grad School


 Steve “The Hurricane” offers guidance on managing both office and field staff, monitoring KPIs for all positions, leadership, and managing yourself as the owner.

Empathetic Leadership

Kelly Szwed guides you through a practical application for becoming an impactful leader so you can empower your team and
retain caregivers. Understand your motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to establish a
personal leadership style.

Answering the Call

Learn how to leverage yourself & your business with key referral source (such as Home Health Care Companies, Hospitals, SNF’s and Senior Living Communities) by establishing partnerships, generating more referrals out of your current key referral sources, increase your social media presence, and doing what your competition isn’t doing during the new guidelines. 

Talking About Money

As a business owner you will have many conversations about money. Some of which may be a challenge and awkward. So how do we combat this? This lesson will give you everything you need to be confident when it comes to money.

Mindful Caring

Dr. Laurel Geise leads you and your team through a training program specifically designed for care professionals to learn a
wide range of mindfulness skills to enhance focus, concentration, productivity, communication, compassion, self-care, and
patient outcomes.

Sell Like a Champion

Scott Weiss, Director of Business Development at HCE, teaches you how to present your services right out of the gate, make your pitch, close the deal, and get back in the door.

Family Dynamics 

Steve “The Hurricane” and HCE Coaches review some advice for family-run businesses. Many home care agencies are owned and run by family teams, such as spouses, parents/children, siblings, etc., which adds a whole extra level of difficulty to the mix. The HCE team has seen many of these challenges while working with our clients and are here to offer their best tips and secrets to help overcome the unique challenges these companies face.

Building the Vision 

Steve “The Hurricane” teaches how to create the SOPs and hire the staff around the business you want vs. the business you

Multiple Revenue Streams

Steve “The Hurricane” to show you how to expand and diversify your portfolio.


What you will learn…

Lesson 1

  • Lesson 1 Part 1 Intro
  • Lesson 1 Part 2 Work Life Balance
  • Lesson 1 Part 3 Get Good At Saying No
  • Lesson 1 Part 4 Managing and Recruiting Staff
  • Lesson 1 Part 5 Delegate Delegation
  • Lesson 1 Part 6 Power Partners
  • Lesson 1 Part 7 Increase Profitability

Lesson 2

  • Lesson 2 Part 1 Managing Internal Staff
  • Lesson 2 Part 2 Effectively Managing Internal Staff
  • Lesson 2 Part 3 Understanding Relationships
  • Lesson 2 Part 4 Mission & Core Values
  • Lesson 2 Part 5 Your Goals Their Goals

Lesson 3

  • Lesson 3 Part 1 Manage Them
  • Lesson 3 Part 2 Accountability Measures
  • Lesson 3 Part 3 KPI
  • Lesson 3 Part 4 30 60 90 180
  • Lesson 3 Part 5 Outro

Lesson 4

  • Lesson 4 Part 1 Managing External Office Staff
  • Lesson 4 Part 2 Us Vs Them
  • Lesson 4 Part 3 Language And The Language We Use
  • Lesson 4 Part 4 Spend More Time With Them Then You
    Currently Are
  • Lesson 4 Part 5 Critical Thinking
  • Lesson 4 Part 6 Empowering Them

Lesson 5

  • Lesson 5 Part 1 Proactive vs Reactive
  • Lesson 5 Part 2 UNIVERSAL CONCEPT Pick Your Battles
  • Lesson 5 Part 3 Accountability Measures
  • Lesson 5 Part 4 KPI
  • Lesson 5 Part 5 30 90 180
  • Lesson 5 Part 6 Boss Leader Mentality

Lesson 6

  • Lesson 6 Part 1 Leadership Intro and Effectiveness
  • Lesson 6 Part 2 Traits of Effective Leaders
  • Lesson 6 Part 3 Leaders Are Habitual
  • Lesson 6 Part 4 Leaders Evolve
  • Lesson 6 Part 5 Leaders Are Wise
  • Lesson 6 Part 6 Leaders Are Focused
  • Lesson 6 Part 7 Leaders Control Their Emotions
  • Lesson 6 Part 8 Leaders Delegate
  • Lesson 6 Part 9 Closing

37 Training Videos 

Broken down into bite-size easy steps to implement.

  • 6 hours video content 
  • 6 hours of review classes

Downloadable Documents and Resources

Homework assignments each week that directly correlate to your marketing effort

PLUS, a Final Exam to ensure you understand all of the facets of the course

Live Classes

6 LIVE Sessions with a course instructor (each power-packed with actionable info and strategies)

Talking about Money

What you will learn…

  • Lesson 1 Intro
  •  Lesson 1.1 Money Talk

  • Lesson 1.2 How we talk about money
  • Lesson 1.3 Talking Money with your Scheduler
  • Lesson 1.4 Who should be comfortable talking Money?




What you will learn…
  • Week 1: What is Empathy and Why Do We Need it in the Workplace?
    • Meet the Coach
    • Class Overview
    • What is Empathy?
    • What Empathy is Not

  • Week 2: Addressing a Specific Challenge in the Home Care Agency Using an Empathetic Approach
    • Understanding the challenge of the Poverty Mindset
    • Introduction to Ruby Payne’s book, “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”
    • How you talk to your employees makes a difference

  • Week 3: Becoming an Empathetic Leader
    • Active listening
    • Reflective listening
    • Nonverbal communication

  • Week 4: Characteristics of Empathetic Leadership
    • Showing interest and concern
    • Don’t mistake hearing for listening – Active listening
    • Give undivided attention
    • Mirror, clarify, and empathize

  • Week 5: Emotional Intelligence
    • Encouraging genuine communication and seeing another’s perspective
    • Allow others to be vulnerable
    • The 5 Love Languages

  • Week 6: Do’s and Don’ts of Communication
    • 5 Communication styles
    • Creating psychological safety

Answering the call

What you will learn…

  • Prior to Training

    • Secret shopper call made to your office

    • Introductory call between coach and owner.  Secret shopper call results discussed conversion rates/conversion rate tracking 


  • Week 1: Answering the Call: Who should take the inquiry? How to address the caller 

    • The 5 different types of callers and what to do with them 

    • The need for a Prospect Call SheetHow to get an appointment scheduled w/o discussing price



    • The dos/don’ts on what to discuss over the phone 

    • Conversation starter questions 

    • Creating value over the phone 

    • Gain important information (name, phone number, referral source, etc) in a conversational manner 

    • Creating a picture (role play)


  • Week 3 – Creating Urgency While Maintaining Empathy 

    • Empathy creating statements through role play 

    • Creating urgency statements (team to share examples) 

    • Summarizing needs/information (role play) 

    • Forming a plan/next steps (role play) 

    • How to handle objections


  • Week 4- Implementation Objection cycle continuation

    • Role play full inquiry calls 

    • Give feedback to each otherTools/activities will be given to owners at the completion of the team training to use for ongoing training and development of inquiry calls.

    • These can be used at ongoing staff meetings or as components of special staff development days. 


Mindful Caring

What you will learn…

  • Week 1: Introduction to Mindful Caring
  • Identify the benefits of practicing Mindfulness in the healthcare industry


  • Week 2: Less Stress and More Calm
  • • Learn simple practice of Mindfulness tools to begin using today
  • 83% of people say that work is their biggest stressor, 50% are highly stressed or overwhelmed and 33%
    suffer from insomnia impacting health and performance. Mindfulness helps you take back your life and become happier and healthier.

  • Week 3: Focus” Personal & Organization Effectiveness
  • How to incorporate mindfulness in your team’s daily routine to reduce stress, mistakes and improve outcomes such as ability to sustain performance, better judgement. & decision making


  • Week 4: Mindful Listening and Responding
  • Gain an understanding of emerging science on the effects of mindfulness and how it can be applied in a work environment
  • •This module with help you improve concentration and the ability to stay focused, greater ability to prioritize, improve time management and problem solving
  • Week 5: Compassion fro Yourself and Other 
  • •This module with help your ability to determine what underlies conflict and arrive at a mutually beneficial conclusion. Which will lead to greater compassion and empathy which leads to the ability to anticipate and serve client needs



“There is NO better partner to help me grow my business! Without a doubt – the luckiest day for me and my business was discovering Hurricane Marketing – Steve Weiss – his entire team and our incredible one on one coach. Within one year, they have helped guide me with important strategic decisions and it only took about 30 days to understand the overall value of all the of the programs, boot camps, individual coaching, mastermind classes/coaching – I could go on and one. They are the REAL deal and they are worth every single dollar that I pay for the advice and personal attention that I receive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in this industry and I am happy to talk to any prospective client. Thanks Hurricane Marketing for all you do for us!

Anne E.

“As a newbie to the business, I was floundering with very few leads, and no prospects for growth. Home Care Evolution (formerly Hurricane Marketing Enterprises) has helped me understand the type of marketing that is necessary in this business, how to do the marketing, who to do the marketing to, and the realistic time frames to expect results. I am only 4 weeks into the course/coaching and am already seeing why this strategy works.”

Close To Home Caregivers

“Our source for renewal. The Hurricane team has been an essential part of our business growth. Helping us work through the operational, marketing, personal, and recruiting needs. They are a full solution service.”

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