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10 Year Anniversary Conference

Recorded Live in New Jersey | 6/22-6/24

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Our Speakers

Steve “The Hurricane”

Nick Bonitatibus

Anne-Lise Gere

Leah Kotsatsky

David Tobin

Jeremy Fuller

3 days of Premiere content


Event Presentations


Understanding Your Business’s Profit Margins, Learn how to get your profits to 20% or greater through: Custom Pricing Start up Fees, Raising Caregiver Compensation, How to close at a higher rate, Contract Reviews for cancellation periods

Unlimited Power Partners

By calling upon synergistic service providers in your area, you can begin to grow your business exponentially. This presentation covers the effective techniques to form strategic partnerships, how to create self-duplication, leveraging relationships, co-marketing and co-sponsoring, networking, and much more.

Gift wrapping your business to exit

How Much Is Your Business Worth? How to position yourself to grow to multiple locations, including how to find people to run new locations for you Standard Operating Procedures: How to write Employee Handbooks, Hats,Etc Hiring an Executive Director How to run a satellite office

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Understanding Your KPIS Key performance indicators to track and measure for efficiency Track retention from each source and why that is important Cost to hire 100-500-1000 Caregivers to your Organization Understanding what a Caregivers does and how important they really are to a business. Day to day. How to set them up for success. Caregiver career path: advancement opportunities, promotions, different roles in organization

The Home Care Evolution

Learn The Expectation of Direct Referral Marketing Learn where to go for qualified clients/ patients, and how to maximize your marketing efforts. Become an expert at getting past the gatekeeper and forming quality relationships. Learn how to qualify accounts for affordability, Where to go for business: Finding N.E.R.D clients, who they are, & how many exist in your territory

Home Care Digital

How To THRIVE Online To Attract Clients, Referral Sources, and Caregivers The digital world is constantly changing and if you want to stay ahead of the curve you must be able to adapt and change with the newest trends. Many of the digital marketing fundamentals remain constant while other pieces evolve and transform. When you build a strong online strategy it works cohesively with all areas of your business including sales, marketing, recruiting, and employee retention. Nick will share how you can start leveraging the power of the digital world without adding tons of tasks to your already busy plate. Prepare to learn the techniques and strategies that GET RESULTS!

Your Caregiver Retention Tool Box

The majority of new caregivers (57%) hired in home care agencies don’t stay more than 3 months. In fact, most (83%) new caregivers are gone within the first 6 months. Talk about high churn! This is dismal. The industry cannot ignore this data. Office staff turns over just as much as caregivers. Without a stable office team, it’s tough to keep a stable caregiver workforce. There isn’t a simple answer to address this retention crisis. In this dynamic presentation, Anne-Lise shares specific tips and techniques to create a solid retention masterplan for your agency. She recommends retention as a series of touch points, similar to positive strokes, happening at regular intervals. The ideal mix includes a combination of individualized events and group activities. Looking at the reasons why caregivers leave, Anne-Lise shares successful examples of retention activities implemented by her clients across the country. This presentation comes with a participants’ workbook so you can create your own retention strategy for your agency.

Dominate Locally & Pack Your
Calendar with Leads Using

In this presentation we will break down an easy-to-understand checklist of ways to optimize your Google Business Profile that can increase the rankings on Google for top home care searches. As well as demonstrate how you can use advanced automation tools to pack your calendar with more job applications and patient leads using the capture, nurture & close method.

How to Sell Your Company from a Position of Strength.

Learn the strategies and case studies to help you get the most from your exit payday. You will learn: How home care agencies are typically valued, How to craft an Exit Plan Value Drivers that impact the price you can command Questions buyers typically ask, How to prepare your company for a profitable transition Potential exit pathways. This is a must see presentation!

Demystifying the Myth of Work-Life Balance

Learn how to ASSESS what's off balance so that you can REALIGN with what's important to you. As well has learn how to GET MORE DONE at work without COMPROMISING so that you can spend more time doing WHAT YOU LOVE. Lastly CREATE A PLAN without getting less done so that you can be more productive and spend quality time with those you love, and get your HEALTH back if it's declining.



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