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Hurricane’s Rapid Results Program

The Rapid Results program is GUARANTEED to jump-start the growth of your business with our proven system. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it for full price within 30 days.

We give you the tools you need to achieve SUCCESS!

Here is everything included with the package…

The Hurricane Rapid Results Package Includes:

Instant Referrals: The Creation of Power Partners (55 minutes)

This video helps you take relationships to levels you never have DREAMED of! Steve “The Hurricane” walks you through the 5 W’s of Power Partners, he discusses the best companies to develop Power Partners from, teaches you HOW to create Power Partners, leverage the relationships to form a Network of Power Partners, and then if your up to the challenge build your very own Preferred Providers Network of Power Partners.

Leverage those relationships to break into closed hospital systems, and you can rule your very own health care EMPIRE!

$350 VALUE

Check out this sneak preview where Steve discuss the 5 Ws of Power Partners…

Plus you’ll get…

Hurricane’s Closing Made Easy: The Art of Closing (1 hour and 47 minutes)

In this video, Steve “The Hurricane” demonstrates the proper technique to a Sales Presentation Closing at 90% regardless of Price. Includes a sample of this process performed LIVE at The Hurricane Boot Camp.

This video has everything you need to give a sales presentation and in turn close more business. We give you template page by page for you to create your very own sales presentation binder.

$350 VALUE

Also Included…

The Blueprint for Success: How to Grow Your Home Care Business to $3 Million

After reading this, you will know the step by step instructions on How to Grow Your Business to $3 Million in Revenue! How many clients will it take? What are the most effective ways to generate leads? What are the best referral types and where should you spend the most time?

The majority of statistics mentioned in the Blueprint are from a Home Care Benchmarking Study, which is the most comprehensive collection of industry data in the nation.

$597 VALUE

There’s still more…

1-on-1 Million Dollar Strategy Session:

A personal strategy call to go over your business, and to take the steps that quickly get your agency in-line for ultimate GROWTH potential!

As soon as you purchase this package, call the office to schedule your session with one of our trained industry expert coaches.

$375 VALUE


Less is More Success Schedules

What should you be doing every day of every week? The Less is More Success Schedules show you what you should be doing on a daily basis to maximize your efforts. By planning your week a head of time with the right activities, you will be on your way to 3 Million in no time!

The Schedules included are for Owner, Marketing Rep (full-time and Part-time) and a Duel-Role Marketing Rep.

When everyone in your organization is managing their time properly, your business will be more efficient and profitable.


We’re also including…

Sales Presentation Binder:

This binder template complements the Art of Closing and helps you create the perfect sales process.

On the left page of each spread you will see an example. On the right side of the spread, we have provided a template of how you can set up the same page.

The designed templates will help you create a company brand which will enable you to market your company’s corporate messaging effectively. Using these templates as a guide, will help ensure you have all the elements you need to communicate effectively.

$375 VALUE

We saved the best for last!

A ticket to Hurricane’s Home Care Boot Camp!

What is The Hurricane Home Care Boot Camp?

  • Home Care Business Training: 3 days packed with information you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are a business owner, a marketing representative, or just in the home care industry, we guarantee your brain will be flooded with content to implement immediately.
  • Steve “The Hurricane”: As always, Steve will keep you on the edge of your seat with his unmatched energy levels and informative topics. Unlike many speakers at other conferences, Steve has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the industry.
  • Amazing Presenters: Members of the HME Staff bring a unique perspective by sharing our clients’ struggles and the different techniques they used to succeed. Every Boot Camp, we search the globe to bring in NEW highly trained speakers to provide you with even more value.
  • Networking: Business owners from all over the country are in attendance to share stories, ideas, and learn from others’ experiences.
  • Relevant Sponsors: We choose only companies that we know will bring value to your business and have a proven track record of contributing to success.
  • “A LOT OF FUN”: The Hurricane Boot Camp is not your typical training conference. We have special guests, contests, cocktail hours, awards, raffle prizes, and SO MUCH MORE!!
  • NEW: Each and every Boot Camp brings new and exciting content to ensure every time you attend, you leave with new information you have never heard before.

“Watching Steve in action is like watching one of my favorite movies over and over and over again. I have attended two Boot Camps and I would come back and attend every single one if I could. No one can fill a room full or more energy and positivity than this guy. No one can keep everyone hanging on his every last word like this guy. No one can bring more passion to the table than this guy! It oozes out from every pour in his body and is instantly contagious to everyone around him!” – Jen G

“What a wonderful Boot Camp! Steve The Hurricane knows his subject and does a tremendous job explaining it to the attendees. Not only that, but he gives great advice that can save home care executives or their marketing counterparts considerable time being successful. He takes the mystery and pain out of calling on prospects and getting referrals without driving the very people you need to call on away. And he does it in a fun-loving and yet very focused way. Nice going Steve!” -Richard K.

“Yes, The Boot Camp Is Worth The Time And Money To Attend. I have been a fan of Steve’s material and methods for a year before I got to attend one of his Boot Camps. Let me tell you it was worth every penny! It is the whole package – Great Training, Great Motivation, and Real Insight on how to be successful at Home Care. Not just here is some helpful info on how to compete, this was here is how you dominate your area! It was a clear cut formula for success, that if followed will take your business to new heights. We have implemented his teachings and have found instant better ability to achieve the desired outcome for marketing – better relationships with the key people and more referrals. Thank you Steve!”- Jared W

“If You Didn’t Learn Something, You Must Have Stayed Home! I have been an owner of a homecare/hospice for 18 years. The ideas and techniques that Steve not only taught but fully demonstrated have made me become an in-service “Rock Star”. I purchased the video that teaches the in service presentation style and I am now producing a squad of “Rock Star’s”. Thanks for making me look so smart! Even weeks after the boot camp, Steve still answer’s questions that we come upon. He is an excellent coach! I highly recommend attending his boot camp, that is unless your one of my competitors. LOL!” – Cheryl P

$799 VALUE

Total Value of Package $2,846+


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