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How we help

Does this sound familiar?


"I'm stressed working 60 hours a week to keep my home care agency afloat."


"I haven't gone on a vacation or taken time for myself in years."


"The never-ending stream of daily office tasks consumes my life"


"I struggle to find and keep good caregivers that faithfully show up for work."


"It's become so difficult to find new clients."


"My profit margins are vanishing"

This doesn’t have to describe you any longer! Let us show you how to make more money with less effort to enjoy more free time!


Online Training

From Beginner to Advanced. Our training includes homework, tests, and a coach to guide you every step of the way to insure maximum comprehension.

Live Events

At our Hurricane Boot Camps, we feature a variety of comprehensive training in all areas of marketing and operations of your business. Tickets are limited, so sign up now!


Rapid Results

Our Rapid Results program is guaranteed to jump start the growth of your business with our proven system. We give the tools and you achieve success.

Private Coaching

Work with one of our highly trained coaches will work with you and your team, every single week, to turn your company into a referral generating machine!

Revenue Builders

HCRB is an exclusive membership that includes access to videos, free downloads, monthly webinars, weekly marketing tips, and access to our interactive Facebook group.

Interview Services

Looking to hire a new marketing rep? We will help you narrow down your candidate search and interview your top 3 candidates to help you determine the most suitable representative for your business.

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Home Care Operations and Marketing Results

What people are saying…

"This is proven. It's not a maybe. It's a sure thing"

"It was the most powerful event I've been to."

We Tripled Our Business!

Coaching Changed My Life

Steve's coaching has changed our business

Our Source For Growth & Renewal

The Hurricane team has been an essential part of our business growth. Helping us work through the operational, marketing, personal, and recruiting needs. They are a full solution service.


Submitted by Assured Quality Homecare on 01/07/2022

Home Care Marketing Coaching

Since joining Hurricane Marketing, I was able to increase my private pay weekly hours from 50hrs/week to 300/hrs week. I have great coaches and my current coach Jen has really helped me with rebuilding my infrastructure!


Submitted by Peace Haven Home Care on 12/31/2020

Great Results!!!

After just 45 days of giving the Fast Start program a true honest effort I was able to double my weekly billable hours. This is truly amazing program that should be in every homecare owners arsenal.


Submitted by Gustavo T. on 02/03/2019

Best Investment!

I attended the Irvine, CA boot camp. It was the best thing I could do for business. The hurricane staff is so knowledgeable and willing to talk to you and give you ideas to grow in whatever of businesses you need help!


Submitted by Danika J. on 05/16/2018


Just spent 2.5 days at Hurricane Boot Camp in L.A. Steve is so inspirational, and although I already own a successful business, I am now fired up to take it to the next level! Thank you Steve and the Hurricane Team!


Submitted by Greg E. on 05/16/2018

Outstanding Coaching!

The training we received to grow our business will make an immediate impact on our business.


Submitted by Amy A. on 05/16/2018

3x'd Our Business!

The personal coaching is fantastic and informative. We tripled in size after using Steves coaching services!


Submitted by Caleb R. on 08/19/2017

Powerful Experience

I have been BLOWN AWAY by our experience with Steve! He’s not only knowledgable about the industry, but knows how to motivate a client and hold them accountable to real, quantifiable improvement. A five star experience!


Submitted by Kevin W. on 04/26/2013

3 Simple Steps To Record-Breaking Results

Step 1

Book an appointment to speak with us

Our expert team will connect you with a coach who will empower you to work smarter and not harder. When you book an appointment, you are taking the first step towards streamlining your operations, simplifying complicated processes, and decreasing your workload even while you make more money!

Step 2

Our coaches will craft a custom blueprint catered specifically for you

Your coach will teach you all the steps in our unique process and hold your team members accountable. Your coach will monitor progress, answer questions, be a sounding board for ideas, and help you overcome challenges. You’ll also gain instant access to our online training courses for you and your team.



Step 3

Blow away the competition

As our consultants coach you and your team, you will join the thousands of others who have enjoyed record-breaking results to blow away the competition. Let our coaching and training catapult your business to the next level as we teach you how to stress less while making more. Don’t know how to start? Just click the button and our pros will guide you through the process.

Private Coaching and Online Training

When you sign up for our coaching services, not only will you benefit from the game-changing private coaching Steve and our experts provide, but you’ll also receive instant access to our online training courses for you and your team. Our training courses will have you generating referrals in as little as 6 weeks. Plus, we provide a blueprint to upgrade the systems and operations of your business to generate $5 Million in revenue and beyond.

Along with all of the online training, your personal coach will work with you to teach you all the steps in our unique marketing process and hold your team members accountable. Your coach will monitor progress, answer questions, be a sounding board for ideas, and help you overcome challenges. To top it all off, you’ll get a free ticket to our next live event so we can connect in person! Click get started now to have our professionals help you determine which package is right for you.

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