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May 15-17, 2024| Baltimore, MD

Venue: The Westin Baltimore Washington Airport – BWI


May 15-17, 2024| Baltimore, MD

Venue: The Westin Baltimore Washington Airport – BWI



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Have you experienced any of this?


100 hour weeks


Struggling to recruit and retain caregivers


Stress from trying to keep up with the ever changing rules


Wanting to grow but not being able to staff cases

Steve “The Hurricane” Can Help

 As a leader in the Home Care Industry, you know that keeping up with the latest strategies to find what’s working now can be a challenge since everything is changing so rapidly. While there are “tried and true” approaches to building a business, our industry has unique challenges that only experts in our field can fully understand.

For that reason, I assembled a world-class team of experts to contribute to this event.

As a Speaker & Editor-in-Chief of Home Care Evolution Daily Magazine my goal is to empower you with up-to-date knowledge from trusted and vetted experts and inspire you to make change happen and live out your purpose as a Home Care Leader.


Steve “The Hurricane” 

President of Home Care Evolution

Boot Camp Topics

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Understanding Your Business’s Profit Margins, Learn how to get your profits to 20% or greater through: Custom Pricing Start up Fees, Raising Caregiver Compensation, How to close at a higher rate, Contract Reviews for cancellation periods

Unlimited Power Partners

By calling upon synergistic service providers in your area, you can begin to grow your business exponentially. This presentation covers the effective techniques to form strategic partnerships, how to create self-duplication, leveraging relationships, co-marketing and co-sponsoring, networking, and much more.

Gift wrapping your business to exit

How Much Is Your Business Worth? How to position yourself to grow to multiple locations, including how to find people to run new locations for you Standard Operating Procedures: How to write Employee Handbooks, Hats,Etc Hiring an Executive Director How to run a satellite office


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Understanding Your KPIs Key performance indicators to track and measure efficiency. Track retention from each source and why that is essential. Learn about the cost to hire 100-500-1000 Caregivers to your Organization. Understanding what a Caregiver does and how important they are to a business. Day to day. How to set them up for success. Caregiver career path: advancement opportunities, promotions, different roles in the organization

The Home Care Evolution

Learn The Expectation of Direct Referral Marketing Learn where to go for qualified clients/ patients, and how to maximize your marketing efforts. Become an expert at getting past the gatekeeper and forming quality relationships. Learn how to qualify accounts for affordability, Where to go for business: Finding N.E.R.D clients, who they are, & how many exist in your territory

Empathetic Leadership: Empower Your Team & Retain Caregivers 2.0 – A Practical Approach

Co-Presented by
Kelly Szwed, CODC, CBC, CLC & Certified Organizational Development Coach Leah Kosatsky, PPCC Certified Business & Life Coach

What is empathy and why is it crucial to cultivate it as a leader in today’s workplace?

Understand the importance of cultivating empathy as a leader to create more loyalty with your caregivers.

Discover the “Poverty Mindset” and what motivates caregivers.

Recognize survival behavior in caregivers and how to be more proactive when dealing with it.

How to have difficult conversations so that both sides feel like they’ve been valued and heard.

Venture & Growth

Nowadays it can be next to impossible to try and get ahead all on your own. You need someone that can show you the ropes and help you make needed connections. Plus, trying to keep up with the never-ending stream of office tasks makes it difficult to focus on what’s truly important: Providing excellent care to your clients. 

This is why Home Care Evolution exists. Steve “The Hurricane” and his team have empowered home care providers to attract total care patients, get better caregivers, and increase profit margins with less effort.


Streamline Your Processes

If your team is in need of streamlining their processes, automate their workflows, and operate more effectively and efficiently so they can focus on what they love doing: caring for their patients, then this is the conference for you

Steve “The Hurricane” has developed a foolproof program which enables start-up companies to quickly get ahead of the competition while helping existing businesses experience an explosive transformation beyond $10 million in revenue. Many of his clients double and even triple annual revenue in as little as 6 months.


 Why Should You Attend The Home Care Evolution Boot Camp?

1. Learn What’s Working Now.

Clients that have followed The Hurricane program are generating millions of dollars AND helping thousands of seniors age in place with dignity and grace. You’ll learn what they’re doing to crush it, and you’ll take the same tactics and implement them in your own business. You’ll walk out of Day 3 with a notebook full of actionable strategies you can apply.

2. Network With Peers

Meet and connect with home care business owners who are going through the same journey as you, who have been where you are, and have overcome the same obstacles. You’ll leave The Hurricane Boot Camp having networked and formed strategic partnerships with people who share the same passion as you: to have an impact on our senior community.


Clients that have followed The Hurricane program are generating millions of dollars AND helping thousands of seniors age in place with dignity and grace. You’ll learn what they’re doing to crush it, and you’ll take the same tactics and implement them in your own business. You’ll walk out of Day 3 with a notebook full of actionable strategies you can apply.

Learn from the best in the business.


Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker, known for his expert knowledge in all things sales and marketing. From a young age, Steve has been driven to succeed and excelled across vastly different industries. Steve founded Hurricane Marketing Enterprises in 2012 with a goal to help other business owners around the globe.

Steve’s passion is to lead business owners on the path to find people in need of their services and convert these prospects into clients. His company’s mission statement is to help business owners increase their census, revenue, and profits. Through his programs and presentations, he has guided thousands of individuals to grow their organizations and continues to help them blow away the competition.

With his dedication and hard work, Steve has developed a foolproof program that enables start-up companies to quickly get ahead of the competition while helping existing businesses experience an explosive transformation. Many of his clients double and even triple annual revenue in as little as 6 months.


Chris Trempe

COO of Swyft Ops

During 20-plus years of experience driving growth and operational improvement for various franchised and independently owned businesses, Chris has drawn upon a distinct blend of expertise and passion.  This approach has proven to influence businesses to reach new levels of success.  Chris has used his multi-industry expertise to reinvigorate stagnant teams and assist start-ups to execute strong plans for scalable growth.  In 2019, Chris was recruited to join the SwyftOps executive team, where he launched a leading provider of homecare operating software.  Over the past 3 years, guided by his go-to-market strategy, SwyftOps has grown its subscriber base within both the franchise and independent homecare spaces.  The platform delivers an affordable, customizable, user-friendly, and supportive environment that quickly adapts to market trends.   Chris is a partner at SwyftOps and serves as its COO.


Melissa Bagely

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Melissa Bagley, Home Care Coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, has 20+ years of Healthcare industry experience. She currently works for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises (Also known as Home Care Evolution), where she coaches Home Care owners and their team with their marketing, operations, recruitment & retention needs. Melissa has extensive experience and success with all levels of Home Care Companies from startups to established (10+ Million Dollar Agencies) home care companies across the country.

Within the last few years, she has created and developed several coaching classes with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and is now being offered to hundreds of clients. Her most popular classes include, but not limited to, “How to Market During Lockdown,” “How to Marketing After Lockdown,” and “Marketing Strategies using” Melissa prides herself with the tremendous knowledge and experience she has obtained during her career, and continues to challenge herself and her clients to exceed personal and business goals. Prior to becoming a Coach, she was a VP of Marketing & Business Partner for a Home Care Nurse Registry in Florida for 3.5 years. Melissa oversaw the marketing & business development of the company throughout the offices in Florida. 


Jeremy Fuller

Managing Director of Grow Home Care Marketing

Jeremy has over 20+ years of web design and SEO / digital marketing experience based on return on investment.

He has launched 5 startups, has extensive experience with web design and digital marketing for home care agencies and has deep knowledge of digital marketing psychology. He got his start with affiliate marketing with campaigns generating more than $5,500 a day in revenue.

After learning how to optimize his own marketing campaigns through conversion optimization, heat maps, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads and learning everything there is to know about copywriting and the marketing the psychology behind it he has gone to generate millions of dollars for clients through his managed campaigns.


Kelly Szwed

Certified Organizational Development Coach and Director of Coaching Development

Kelly Szwed is a Business Coach and the Event On-Site Liaison for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. She comes to the HME team with a professional background in marketing, advertising, public relations, event planning and small business development spanning almost twenty years.

Prior to joining HME, Kelly was a marketing liaison with a private duty homecare company, where she successfully liaised with hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation facilities and assisted living communities. She generated referrals from both new and existing sources, which led to increased revenue for the agency.

Kelly’s experiences in B2B and B2C sales and marketing, along with her passion for entrepreneurship as a former business owner in holistic health, and a home care marketer makes her a great addition to the HME coaching team.

Kelly studied Psychology at Rider University, received state certification in Holistic Health and Massage Therapy at Health Choices Institute, and has a certification in Event Management from Mercer County Community College She also prides herself as a Certified Life and Business Coach with a certification from World Coach Academy.

Leah Kosatsky

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Leah has over two decades of experience as a global entrepreneur running two businesses in coaching and communications. For the past five years, she has coached Homecare Evolution executives, coaches, administration, as well as some of their clients. She works behind-the-scenes of their ever increasing growth and success.

Seeing the pivot in business that occurred during the pandemic, and the change in the way CEOs and executives lead their teams, Leah developed an empathetic approach to leadership, management, sales, and employee retention. She is quick to identify the challenges that business owners face in the field and online, helping them implement effective, long-term growth strategies.

An advocate that smart, lucrative leadership is an inside job, Leah teaches a proven 5-step process to help you achieve steady business growth, manage your team with more ease, and live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

During the Homecare Evolution Conference, Leah will present a breakout session on the topic of “Empathetic Leadership” alongside Coach Kelly, as well as deliver a keynote on “The Myth of Work-Life Balance”.

Meghan Smith

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Meghan Smith is a business coach with Home Care Evolution and has helped her clients achieve massive growth with the proper marketing and operations strategies. She has also helped her clients sustain
their tremendous growth with successful recruitment and retention processes for care givers. Meghan started her career in the health care industry 12 years ago. Previously, she worked for a home care company as a Marketing Rep and during that time, was introduced to the HCE program and trained by Steve “The Hurricane”. She doubled the business in just a short time and eventually went on to work for a hospice company, achieving huge growth for two offices within the hospice agency using the same techniques. Now she shines as a coach, helping her clients across the country to increase their census,revenue, and profits.

Samy Nasir

Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Samy Nasir brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a business coach at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. With a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Samy has honed her skills over two decades in the realms of coaching, hypnotherapy, and leadership. Samy’s educational journey includes earning an Associate of Occupational Studies in Mind-Body Psychology with Honors. This deep academic foundation underpins her coaching methods, allowing her to offer a unique blend of techniques to her clients.

Her expertise in team dynamics and motivation was refined during her tenure as a territory manager at Samsung, overseeing a substantial network of over 150 stores. This experience in managing and coordinating a large network of retail locations taught her how to be responsible for nurturing and building a cohesive team of managers, marketers and other sales staff. Additionally, Samy holds a BA in Leadership from Blackburn College where she graduated summa cum laude, demonstrating her commitment to personal and professional growth. She has developed a unique belief system enrichment approach that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 


Beyond her academic and professional achievements, Samy is a multilingual communicator, fluent in five languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Spanish. This linguistic diversity allows her to connect with clients from various backgrounds and cultures. Samy is currently pursuing a Master’s in Psychology. This educational endeavor reflects her dedication to deepening her understanding of human behavior and the intricate workings of the human mind. By gaining advanced insights into psychology, she aims to bring even more expertise and valuable insights to her coaching role at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.


Nick Bonitatibus

Owner, Digital Champions

Nick Bonitatibus is a business coach with a focus on all things digital marketing.

On a mission as the founder of Digital Champions, he is dedicated to helping home care organizations implement social media and video marketing strategies to generate consistent leads by increasing their online presence.

Over the last 7 plus years, Nick has helped thousands of individuals all over the country about improving online presence with his digital marketing techniques. 

With the ever-changing digital world, Nick strives to deliver the newest and most up to date trends to his audience and clients.

Nick’s tagline is “Let’s Grow Together,” which perfectly represents his desire to never stop improving while inspiring others to do the same.


See what our past Attendee’s have to say!

Client Testimonials

"No better partner to help me grow my business!"

“There is NO better partner to help me grow my business! Without a doubt – the luckiest day for me and my business was discovering Hurricane Marketing – Steve Weiss – his entire team and our incredible one on one coach. Within one year, they have helped guide me with important strategic decisions and it only took about 30 days to understand the overall value of all the of the programs, boot camps, individual coaching, mastermind classes/coaching – I could go on and one. They are the REAL deal and they are worth every single dollar that I pay for the advice and personal attention that I receive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in this industry and I am happy to talk to any prospective client. Thanks Hurricane Marketing for all you do for us!”

-Ann E

"This Strategy Works"

“As a newbie to the business, I was floundering with very few leads, and no prospects for growth. Home Care Evolution (formerly Hurricane Marketing Enterprises) has helped me understand the type of marketing that is necessary in this business, how to do the marketing, who to do the marketing to, and the realistic time frames to expect results. I am only 4 weeks into the course/coaching and am already seeing why this strategy works.”

-Close To Home Caregivers

"A full solution service"

“Our source for renewal. The Hurricane team has been an essential part of our business growth. Helping us work through the operational, marketing, personal, and recruiting needs. They are a full solution service.”

-Assured Quality Home Care

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