There has never been a better time to start a home care agency.

The recent pandemic has created unprecedented demand for care in the home. During this recession, home care agencies continue to thrive, even as other businesses struggle

  • Demand will only increase as a shortage of home care providers is coming
  • Patients are being discharged from hospitals to home care agencies
  • Thrive as the owner of a recession-proof business

With our Ultimate Home Care Start-Up Program, we will walk you through every step to get your business launched, your doors open, and help ensure your success with crucial support throughout your entire first year.

Not sure if starting a home care agency is right for you? Watch our free webinar “The First 5 Things You Must Do To Launch A Successful Home Care Agency” to help you decide!

Many home care start-ups don’t make it through their first year! We’ll make sure you thrive in yours!

There is massive potential for growth, wealth, and impact in the home care industry, but you need an expert to help you tap into it. Many home care start-ups don’t make it through their first year because:

They're alone with no direction or help

They bleed through money waiting for patients to sign up with them

Other companies will only help them get started and the rest is up to them

We set you up for success from day one! We will not only open your business, we will help you grow your business in its first year

Not sure if starting a home care agency is the right choice for you?

Watch our free webinar to help you decide:

The First 5 Things You Must Do To Start A Successful Home Care Agency

We’ll provide you with everything you need to successfully grow a home care agency


Business plan


Formation of business


All documents


Employee handbook


Operations manual


Compliance forms


If required, licensure


12 1 on 1 coaching sessions


Automated Website


Logo and brochures


1 year of ongoing business support in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Recruiting

The Ultimate Home Care Start Up Program

Why Should You Trust Home Care Evolution to Help Launch Your Home Care Agency?

1. Clients in our program grow 10x faster than the industry average.

We have over 20 years of experience in the home care industry, 10 years experience owning, operating, sales, recruiting and more and another 10 years consulting, training home care agencies with a proven track record and our own University Training Programs tailored to this industry. Our clients average more than 10x the industry average revenue rate of growth year to year!

2. We will not only open your business, we will help you grow your business in its first year as part of the start up package.

When you sign up for our Program, you’ll never have to worry about being alone, or struggling while you wonder what you should do next. We’re with you every step of the way so your business can thrive through its first year!

3. Unlike a franchise, you keep all of your profits (No Royalties).

Not only do we provide you with everything needed to start and run a successful home care business, we do it without boxing you into a defined territory and you pay no Royalties. All the franchise systems charge double our fees plus you are expected to pay approximately 5% of your gross profits in Royalties, not with us! In not having to pay 5% gross royalities, this represents almost 25% of your Net Profit and you get personalized attention!

4. We guide you every step of the way.

From the day you decide to go with us, we will set you up with Project Management to open your business. You will meet weekly via video session with our Director of New Service Development, plus you’ll be assigned a coach. We will keep you focused, and provide step-by-step directions on licensing, technology, logo & brochure creation, standardized operating procedures, state-specific employee manuals, client service manuals, and more.

We will make sure you know how to use all the tools needed to have direction and purpose whether it is during the Start-Up Phase or what to do on a daily basis, whether you have a team assembled or you plan on managing multiple roles, we will supply you with job descriptions based on your staffing levels and supply you with time management examples, calendars broken down by day, month, quarter and year to ensure you have direction and success! Can’t remember all the details of what to do? We have you covered!

5. We partner you with the best tools and vendors in the industry to leverage growth.

Our program supplies you the best vendor relationships in the industry including a heavily discount Insurance Program to protect your investment from liability claims, workers compensation and more. Want more referrals, our Veteran’s Program pays the highest re-imbursement in the industry. You want to manage schedules, payroll, background screening, insurance billing, I-9 compliance and more, we provide you with tools to work within one complete technology package including Growth Automation to capture client prospects and recruiting directly off your website with instantaneous communications.

See why so many business owners trust us to guide their home care agency

Client Testimonials

"No better partner to help me grow my business!"

“There is NO better partner to help me grow my business! Without a doubt – the luckiest day for me and my business was discovering Hurricane Marketing – Steve Weiss – his entire team and our incredible one on one coach. Within one year, they have helped guide me with important strategic decisions and it only took about 30 days to understand the overall value of all the of the programs, boot camps, individual coaching, mastermind classes/coaching – I could go on and one. They are the REAL deal and they are worth every single dollar that I pay for the advice and personal attention that I receive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in this industry and I am happy to talk to any prospective client. Thanks Hurricane Marketing for all you do for us!”

-Ann E

"This Strategy Works"

“As a newbie to the business, I was floundering with very few leads, and no prospects for growth. Home Care Evolution (formerly Hurricane Marketing Enterprises) has helped me understand the type of marketing that is necessary in this business, how to do the marketing, who to do the marketing to, and the realistic time frames to expect results. I am only 4 weeks into the course/coaching and am already seeing why this strategy works.”

-Close To Home Caregivers

"A full solution service"

“Our source for renewal. The Hurricane team has been an essential part of our business growth. Helping us work through the operational, marketing, personal, and recruiting needs. They are a full solution service.”

-Assured Quality Home Care

What’s Included in the Ultimate Home Care Start Up Program?

1. We’ll CREATE your business

Toggle open any item below to learn more about that service


Territory Demographic Research

Ensuring you are setting up in a territory that has a solid senior population and above average income to afford Private Duty Home Care is critical to success. We make sure your local demographics can support your business goals plus we analyze Google website search analytics for “hot” territories to double down on making sure your chosen territory can support your business and goals.

$1,000 Value

Project Management - Conception, Licensing, Opening

We set up customized workflow including
prioritizing all the tasks needed for completion from the day you make the decision to open your agency to the day the doors are open. Your HCE team will help coordinate your homework assignments and all the work we committed to ensure a timely and successful opening including your training and all the services listed in your contract.

$4,800 Value

Business Plan

We will custom tailor a plan based on your local market, goals, and competition. As part of your working business plan, we help you identify referral sources and incorporate a formalized Sales Plan plus a Start-Up Cash Flow Analysis to make sure you don’t burn through your cash reserves. We will establish your agency Projections for revenue and expenses based on local data as compared to Industry Benchmark data; Break Even Analysis to know when you should expect to start making money and more. Need assistance with securing financing, the customized business plan is essential!

$5,000 Value

Corporate Identity Creation (+ state fees)

We will help set up your LLC, S-Corp and consult you on the importance of an operating agreement and assignment of responsibilities if multiple partners are involved.

$ 800 + Value

Licensing & Application Process (+ state fees)

Our clinical staff will research and ensure you are applying for the right type of licensing and guide you through the application process for your state.

$2,000 Value

Employee Manual, Client Services Manual, Standardized Operating Procedures

HCE will supply you with an Employee Manual, Client Services Manual plus forms, policies and procedures compliant in the state you are operating in for the type of licensing required. Looking to go digital and leverage your technology and even get rid of hard copy files, perfect, this is our strength! We will help blend your operation with technology in which you will have the ability to communicate with clients and staff prospects through your custom website we build plus a supplied client portal and more.

$8,000 Value

Preferred Vendors

We have secured the best vendors based on quality and price. Our Professional Liability & Workers Comp Carrier offers significant savings specific for the home Care Industry. Our Veteran’s Program reimburses the highest amount for homecare Services. Payroll, Printing, Background Screen, Graphic Design, Website Development and more are all included to make this an easy transition from concept to reality.

State-Of-The-Art Account Management System-

The advanced features of our technology helps our customers stand above their competition. We offer a software platform with unique tools to improve hiring percentages while also improving caregiver retention. We strongly encourage the close monitoring of KPI’s to evaluate progress on goals set for our customers. Our technology offers a dashboard to evaluate the daily performance of your agency. Our technology also manages scheduling, availability, note taking, documentation, satisfaction tracking, compliance, training, payroll and billing, and much more. Our clients benefit from an extensive forms library with detailed assessments, medication management, incident reports and plans of care. We provide a client/family portal to view schedules, make payments, review documentation, and communicate securely. The assurances of our off-line GPS driven mobile app allows accountability of the behavior of caregivers plus up to date information on task completion and notes. A demo of our software platform will prove to you that we have the technology to help an agency grow faster through proven automation tools.


Recruiting caregivers in a competitive labor market is not an easy thing to achieve. We provide the technology, through a third party vendor, to capture an applicant’s data from your website or job boards without having to re-enter. We provide a tracking and incentive program to help you acquire and maintain your best caregivers. We make on-boarding new caregivers easy by providing you with Standardized Operating Procedures, training and more.

$3,000 Value

Time Management (Day-to-Day)

Unsure of what to do on a daily basis or too many activities to handle and not sure how to prioritize? HCE will supply you with job descriptions based on your staffing levels and supply you with time management examples, calendars broken down by day, month, quarter and year to ensure you have direction and success! Can’t remember all the details of what to do, that is what time management and Standardized Operating Procedures can help with.

$1,000 Value

Business Marketing Services

2. We’ll PROMOTE your business

Graphic Design/Marketing

We will help you establish a Company name, design your Logo, create your Website, Brochure & Business Cards. We will set you up with help wanted ads, and small local advertisements. Plus, we’ll launch and train you on programs for referral Sources.

$2,500 Value

Automated Website Design

Advanced high-end SMART website with more cutting edge on-page SEO than what most standard websites. In addition, you will receive advanced conversion rate optimization techniques from industry experts and customized Grow Home Care Marketing data is used to increase conversions to get more leads. On-Page advanced Search engine Optimization, Conversion rate optimization, Live chat integration, Leads piped into CRM lead tracking system. Capture, Nurture & Close more caregivers and patients on autopilot with Automize Growth. As well as full website security and website updates. Managed Website Hosting, Standard SSL Certificate. Most websites don’t optimize for on page SEO let alone schema and some other technology that Google wants to see when they consider ranking your website. We go 3 steps above the competition and add additional tech with advanced cutting edge on page SEO for home care agencies. Ask us more about the SMART Website and how we differentiate from the competition.

$5,000 Value


3. We’ll COACH you through your first year

Operations Guidance and Training

This is a one-on-one training program to acclimate you to the wealth of information and tools we will provide you to smoothly run your operation. A discussion will be needed to customize some of your Standardized Operating Procedures we will supply you with. We also will supply you with organization charts and guidance, recommended Job Descriptions and Responsibilities and discussions will be needed to tailor your operation based on our technology we recommend implementing.

$3,000 Value

Hurricane University

Known throughout the industry, our training is unmatched and on a national level working with large successful independent agencies and several franchise systems. We bring results and our success rate of increasing profitability makes our training program a must have in order to succeed. This training includes four different modular courses, each consisting of six lessons. Typically spread over one year, you will learn everything about how to develop referral sources and successfully market your business, as well as how to recruit and retain great caregivers, which are the two most important aspects of running your home care business. We will also cover handling inquiries, closing the sale, managing office staff, properly starting a case, handling past-due collections, adding more services to increase your revenue, and so much more! Each of the 4 courses also includes a live class to review the material and ask questions, to be sure you understand what to do.

$1,200 Value

Coaching & Mentoring

An assigned coach/mentor is a big part of the true value of what Home Care Evolutions is providing. Having a team of people behind you who have actually owned multi-million dollar home care agencies means you are getting support from people who have actually been in your shoes, know exactly how you feel, and know what needs to be done to be successful in this industry. A multitude of situations will arise during the first year of running your business and beyond, and we are here to help you navigate through them and thrive.

$4,800 Value

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