I wanna generate more leads online. Well, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. Now you may be wondering, Hey, where’s Steve? What’s going on? Who are you? My name is Nick and I’m the owner and founder of Digital Champions. But prior to owning my own business, I worked with Steve at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises now known as Home Care Evolution. And during my time there I learned so much, right? And during that time I was speaking and I’m speaking at the upcoming Hurricane bootcamp, and that’s been my favorite thing to be able to continue to be involved in such an incredible organization. But I’m excited to be here today doing a drink. Wait, I’m not the hurricane, but a drink for the hurricane. Let’s dive in.

This is a drink with the Hurricane, the Talk show, discussing all things growing your home care business. This video is sponsored by Home Care Evolution where we help home care agencies adapt to changing circumstances, transform their business so that they can thrive for years to come.

It is actually really funny and awesome to be here because this is not my first drink with the hurricane episode. I actually did this one over six years ago where I talked about how to use Facebook for your home care business. I’m gonna be talking about similar things today on how you can generate more leads online for your home care business. Lead generation is the lifeblood of any successful business. Leads are absolutely essential. And there are so many aspects in how you can generate more leads for your business. Steve talks a ton about direct referral marketing, which is so impactful. But today we’re gonna talk a little bit more about your online presence because when you’re doing the direct referral marketing and leveraging really well, and then you can magnify it from your online marketing, you’re gonna generate even more leads. And the truth is, right, one does not simply generate revenue without leads.

We need leads that’re the lifeblood of our business. And so a lot of times people are just trying to get more leads, let’s get more leads get, let’s get more leads. But one of the biggest issues that I see with home care agencies is that you are generating traffic to your website, but they’re not converting. They’re not opting in to actually want to talk with you, right? And so this becomes a really important element that sales are so essential in how we’re converting them. And I say sales in a very strategic way, in a way of conversion. How are we converting those people that are coming to our website? ’cause look at this, right? There’s a lot of different ways. And so many times I see this often, Steve touches on this when he talks about improving your, your closing process, but people are coming to your website, your caregivers without applying, right? They’re leaving. Caregivers are not showing up for their interview, or they’re not showing up for their first shift, right? What are the reasons for this? Or prospects are visiting your website without giving you their information, right? They’re checking out your website, then they go on another person’s website. Why aren’t they contacting you? What are you doing different to drive more of these leads?

To get people to say, Hey, I wanna talk to this person. This is the person that’s going to help me with my loved one, right? And leads deciding to go with another company, right? Why is this happening So often we’re focusing on more leads, more leads, more leads into this bucket. But if we got holes in the bucket, then these leads aren’t doing us any good, right? We need to make sure that we’re converting the people that we’re driving to our website. And so how can we go about doing that? Well, what if I were to tell you that there is an amazing resource that you can create that is not only gonna help to attract more people to your business, but also to convert them. That means picking up the phone calling you. That means deciding to go with you above any other company. So how can you do that with your most powerful weapon in your tool belt? It is your why. If you haven’t heard of the book, start With Why by Simon Sinek. I highly recommend it. It’s a phenomenal book. He’s got a ton of other phenomenal books. I’m actually currently re-listening to the Infinite Game, which is a another amazing resource that I highly recommend checking out, especially from a recruitment standpoint, the Infinite Game. But I wanna talk about why first start with why. So often agencies are trying to differentiate themselves. They wanna be different, they wanna stand out your why is the thing that makes you different. I hear when I talk to, to different people that do digital marketing for home care agencies like websites and SEO, and I often hear that they don’t even want to, agencies don’t even wanna put their photo or their story. This is a huge mistake.

This is your most powerful weapon, your story. And I’ve been in this business and in home care since 2014, almost a decade of experience. And throughout my time, I have heard so many incredible stories, so many incredible stories from you, from people at events at bootcamps telling me why they got into this business. And you have an incredible story, incredible story to tell. I’ve heard it. I know. And sometimes it’s not the greatest story in the sake of something bad happened and that made you wanna start this business. But it is powerful. It is really because that is what makes you different. It’s not the best caregivers, not the best service. Your story, your why is what separates you from everyone else. And as Simon says, people don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it. And this goes for caregivers as well. When people are invested in your why in you, they are so much more likely to want to move forward, right? Want to show up for those interviews, want to start orientation, show up for their first shift because they believe in your mission. They believe in what you’re doing, they believe in the person that you are. But if they’re just gonna to your website and it looks like everything else, it looks like everyone else, how are you differentiating yourself? How are people saying, I wanna work for you? That’s what your why can do. And if you really wanna leverage your why and take it to another level, what I highly encourage you to do is creating your why on video. I know that can be a little, a little scary at first, but it is really amazing what you can create when you share your why and the results that come from it.

There are so many applications to utilizing your Y video from connecting with when you connect with new referral partners to sending it to clients. So many examples. And you can actually see a bunch of these examples at my website, at the digital champs.com/examples. An example that happened with one of my clients recently, we created their Y video. It’s a husband and wife, and they told their story and they both have such a unique perspective. And the, the wife was a a long time nurse since she was 19 years old, taking care of her grandmother. And then the husband has this business background, but, but really is passionate about doing different and making sure that people get the care that they deserve. And the combination of the two just creates this really powerful, heartwarming message. And one of the things that we do is not just about making this video, but how are we using it? How are we leveraging? And that was something that I was pushing with them.

And so what ended up happening was he had prospective client on the fence, boom, sends them this video. Next they know, they sign up. He had two marketing reps that he was looking to hire that were on the fence, sends them this video. Both of them say, I’ve been looking for a company just like you to work for. That is the power of your why. That is the power of your story and driving greater results by sharing your why. And it can start with just putting it on your website and telling more people using it when you do lunch and learns. But from a specific of, Hey, we’re trying to drive more online leads, right? That’s what this episode is about. Having a video is going to create so many more leads and sales coming your way because you can put this on your YouTube channel across your social media. You’re putting it on LinkedIn, you’re putting it everywhere on flyers, on brochures, so many applications to utilizing your Y video so that you’re building this asset to use it again and again and again. And this is going to drive results. This is going to be a huge key differentiator for you because the biggest thing is people don’t remember what you said or did they remember how you made them feel. Creating an emotional connection with people is how it drives results. And you may experience this, right?

When someone meets you, they say these things, they say, oh, I just feel connected to you. I feel like I know you. I feel like I can trust you. But we can only do that with so many people. We only have so much time in the day. But what if you had a video? What if you had a tool and a resource that you could send people again and again and again? That now does that same for you. Creating that connection, helping to connect with people on a different level. You are taking care of someone’s loved one that matters. They wanna know that they can trust you, that their loved one is in good hands. Share your why. Share your story. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you start leveraging this powerful tool. And if you wanna learn more about how you can leverage video and your why and so many other things, I’m gonna be, I’m doing a full topic as well as additional topics at the upcoming Hurricane bootcamp. You do not wanna miss it San Antonio. It’s gonna be an incredible event, myself, Steve, so many incredible speakers. So if you wanna learn more, go to home care evolution and.com/bootcamp. I look forward to seeing you there.