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Home Care Evolution Quarterly is for those who inspire to continuously learn in the home care industry. Stay up to date on new trends and data from vetted contributing  authors. All who are experts in this industry

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In this issue

“How I Grew My Revenue By 68% In One Year” by Gary Stiefel

“Know Like & Trust: Key Contacts At Referral Sources – Part 2” By Steve Weiss

“Golden Heart Des Moines: Adapting To Do The Most Good ” by Shelley Scott

“Mastering The Mental Game: Keys To Agency Success” by Samy Nasir

“$20 Million in 20 Years” By John Neagle

“Balancing Act: Elevating Both Providers & The Workforce To Drive Systemic Change” By Brandi Kurtyka

“The Perfect Storm: Competition, Technology, And Policy ” by Joshua Kondik

“The Difficulties of Working with Family, and Tips to Navigate Them by Nicole Peretti


As a leader in the Home Care Industry, you know that keeping up with the latest strategies to find what’s working now can be a challenge since everything is changing so rapidly.


While there are “tried and true” approaches to building a business, our industry has unique challenges that only experts in our field can fully understand.


For that reason, I assembled a world-class team of experts to contribute to this subscription.


As a Speaker & Editor-in-Chief of Home Care Evolution Quarterly Magazine my goal is to empower you with up-to-date knowledge from trusted and vetted experts and inspire you to make change happen and live out your purpose as a Home Care Leader.

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