Now first and foremost, when it comes to hiring a marketing representative, I don’t recommend you hire somebody to do full-time marketing until your business is a seven-figure business. Anything less than a million dollars of revenue, you need to go out there and do it yourself. You should not have that many patients that it requires you to be in your office full-time and you can go out and generate the business so that when you have the seven figures coming in, then you can properly afford to hire a marketing rep.


I’ve seen people do part-time marketing reps, I’m not a big fan of part-time, if anybody reading this is a part-time marketing rep, no offense, I’m sure you’re doing okay. But when you hear the numbers I’m gonna throw out there as to what I expect a marketing rep to do, it is very, very hard to attain the number that I’m about to go into unless you’re full-time.


Full-time marketing reps, yeah this is all we do. We generate leads, we convert and close leads and we start people on services. That’s our job, that’s our goal. Now I get asked this all the time, at conferences and conventions, in seminars and webinars and everything. People are like Steve, how many clients should somebody bring in? What kind of revenue should somebody bring in?


First off, revenue is very unpredictable, especially in the private pay realm, but even in the home health and the hospice because you don’t know how long someone’s gonna be on services. It’s very hard to determine what kind of revenue I’m gonna get from signing somebody on. But what I can always control is the number of referrals I’m bringing in and the number of clients that start care on services.


And so, if I’m hiring a brand new marketing rep, somebody with no industry experience, somebody that I’m training and developing to grow in my organization, and I’m planning that this person is gonna be with me for the long term, their first full year goal should be 50 new clients to start care within your organization. And think about it this way, it takes a good three months to get established. You’re not gonna get many referrals in the first three months if any. Anything that comes in in the first three months is gravy, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae, whatever you want to call it, it’s luck of the draw.


But really, it’s months three through six when you’ll start to see the referrals coming in with some level of consistency, and then months six through 12, that’s when you can start to see a steady flow of referrals coming in, three to four referrals a week, and as a result, you’re signing on one to two patients,  so over the course of 12 months time, for an inexperienced person, who’s not from the industry, maybe a salesperson, but they’re not from the industry, with proper training and guidance, they should be able to sign on and bring on 50 new clients. That is not a lot. It’s basically two clients a week for the second half of their first year. That’s what you’re looking at so anybody reading this, that’s what you should be able to do, very attainable, okay?


Now from the full-time marketing person, with experience, or my seasoned reps, and I love seasoned reps. Seasoned reps, they’re the people who you’ve worked for a company for two or three years, you’re seasoned. You should easily be able to sign on and bring in 100 new clients in the year. Now I know it sounds crazy, 100 clients. Put it this way. If you have a 40% conversion ratio, and a 40% conversion ratio is high, the industry average is around 30, 33%, so 40% represents what the leaders are doing. But a 40% conversion ratio, 100 clients, that means that they have 240 referrals in a year. And you think 240 referrals, that’s a lot of referrals.


No, if you’re a seasoned marketing rep, that means that you have experience, you have connections and contacts and you probably already have referrals coming in, all I’m asking you to do is to be able to essentially do your job and bring on four to five referrals every single week. Just think about it, do the math, right?


There are 52 weeks in a year, so if you bring on four referrals every single week, that’s gonna give you 208 referrals in an entire year. Now we’re going for 240, so there’s your four to five other weeks. With a full-time marketing effort, as a seasoned person, you should be able to do that. And if you are doing that, then I know, I know I can sit here confidently and say, if you bring in 240 referrals in the next 12 months, you will by default, sign on and start 100 new clients, cause that’s the goal.


100 new clients, now what is that?


That’s eight clients a month.


That’s two clients a week.


That’s 96 clients a year, right?


Eight clients a month, so you’re a seasoned marketing rep, you should be able to bring in eight clients in a month. In a year, eight clients in a month, 96 to 100 clients in a year.


Now, when should you have a discussion of, somebody, if I’m concerned if they’re under-producing? Marketing reps, seasoned, no less than 75. If you’re a full-time marketing rep and the person is seasoned, they gotta bring in at least 75 clients otherwise they’re not pulling their weight. The salary that we’re paying this person does not cover the expenses. I’m sorry, the salary that we’re paying this person is not covered unless they bring in at least 75 clients. We want them to bring in over 100 but 75 is a “must do goal”.


For a brand new person, a must do goal should be around 35 for their first year. They have to do that because that covers the cost of their salary and then they build upon that in their second year.


So, this was very direct. These are numbers that I give out to all the people that I’m training. If you hire somebody, and they’re not able to do these numbers, invest in training them to be able to do these numbers. These are standard numbers that people should be able to do.


If they don’t have the proper training and guidance, it’s hard to hold people accountable for these numbers. So I just want to share that with you. Go out there, do the best you can, and if you need help with this, give us a call and let us help you find something that fits within your budget so you can reach these goals and BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!