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Time Management is a skill that makes a HUGE difference in the number of hours you work per day, and the productivity of those hours. Here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, we stress the importance of working SMARTER, not harder…and this is where it all begins.

In today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I’m going to share my first 3 tips to help you with time management. I follow these rules myself, and believe me, it makes a big difference when I stick to the plan and what works.

1) Make a To-Do List: This sounds simple, but so many people neglect to do it. Having something tangible, that you can refer to throughout the day/week, will help tremendously with staying on task. We have a tendency to get distracted, and as business owners, you have people coming at you all day, every day, with “urgent” things they need you to do. You must prioritize, and put things on your list so you don’t forget and lose focus. It feels great when you can cross things off the list too, and at the end of the day/week, you see all the tasks you have accomplished. Keep your list basic…errands, client follow-up, reminders, etc. This helps you be more productive, and organize your time effectively.

2) Set a Deadline: A big reason why many people fail at getting things done, and hitting goals, is because they have no set timeline for accomplishing these things. For each item on your To-Do list, set a deadline for when it needs to be completed. For some items, it may be by the end of the day, but if EVERYTHING on your list needs to simply be done by the end of the day…then you will be scrambling at 4:30 to get it all finished. Set times throughout the day, 11 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM, for example, that you will have certain tasks completed. This works for the weekly list as well. Some items can definitely wait till the end of the week, but you don’t want to run out of time, and then push them to the next week. So focus on deadlines for your tasks, and stick to them. It keeps you moving forward!

3) Stop Multi-tasking! You must focus on the task at hand. Whether it be a client, a caregiver, a social worker, etc…everyone deserves your full attention when you are speaking with them/working on a task for them. If you scatter yourself and try to accomplish many things at once, what is the quality of the work? You must prioritize your list, and work with those deadlines we talked about. Certainly, things will come up that need your attention. When that happens, stop what you are doing and focus. When you put 100% effort into each task, you will get them done quicker, and won’t have loose ends to tie up down the line.

Next week, we continue with 3 more tips for time management. See you then!

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