So, let me start. My name is David Posner. I am one of the part-time coaches right here with The Hurricane Marketing. I’m very excited to be with you guys today, for this coach’s corner. Give you my quick 30 second background. So who am I? I’m a part-time coach with Hurricane. I came on about three and a half years ago.

My history is I started off in pharmaceutical sales, was in pharma for about four years, I was going to be for about eight years, and then recruited over to senior care where I worked for a company called Lived Home and started off as executive director, branding outside, ran everything for Maryland, DC and Virginia, it’s when I was first exposed to Hurricane Bootcamp in Washington DC. Was there for about two years and then promoted to oversee the regional sales teams in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta as well as Washington DC, Maryland. Was there for another two years, unfortunately, the company decided to close its offices outside of California. I was recruited to where I’m at now, which is

I started off from ground zero, carrying a bag. Within the first six months hit about half a million in revenue. Within the first year, we had 2 million in revenue, by the second year at 4 million, by the end of the third year at 10 million revenue. A lot of it came from everything that I learned at Hurricane, been to 4 bootcamps. Like I said, I’ve been coaching for the last two and a half, three and a half years. I’ve gotten all different types of clients all shapes and sizes. And I just love giving back and helping out and everything that’s Steve and the team has taught me a lot of giving back.

So, this is a fun topic to do because I think it’s something that’s, you know, we don’t talk about this enough. You know we talk about the field stuff. We talk about, you know, what to do in an office. We talked about, you know, how to recruit caregivers, but you know do you guys really know what’s available out there to actually make your job easier? I wanna make sure that you guys are getting the apps and getting everything that you need, outside of just the, you know, the normal healthcare stuff. I want to give you stuff that real salespeople are utilizing in the field. So let’s get started.

All right, so, today we’re gonna talk about, five of the best apps and websites that I’m using, that I think most of us should be using and I’ll give you a bonus topic at the end on social media. So, number one, we’re gonna talk about business cards, best apps for business cards, expense reports, mapping, timeline, the notes feature, and then social media. All right, let’s talk about business cards. One of the best apps out there right now for business cards is an app called CamCard. It’s super easy. By the way, everything I’m gonna talk about today is free. So basically it works. Everything we’ve talked about is gonna be Android and iPhone available.

So CamCard, by the way, if you have any of these apps and you’re using these apps, go ahead and put in the chat box that you love it, or like it, or your own thoughts on that. I think people appreciate it. But here’s what CamCard is. It’s an app and you basically take a picture of a business card and it automatically downloads into your phonebook or you can upload to some CRM program you’re using. If you’re on salesforce, I use it for salesforce. It’s awesome. So instead of having a bunch of cards sitting on your desk, this is a great way to be able to be more efficient. And so when you’re at a networking event, you know, what I’ve started to see is people don’t carry around a ton of business cards.

You know, they might be down to the last business card say, “Hey, don’t worry about it. “Let me just take a quick picture of it. “I’ll download it “and that way you can save the card to give somebody else.” You can also put notes on there. I know a lot of us like to put notes, individual personal notes on the back of business cards. Makes it easy. You can do the same thing right here. So CamCard is a great app to be able to have to take pictures of your business cards and save it. It can also, if you pay for certain versions, I think it connects to LinkedIn and everything else. But you can also put them into groups. So if it’s a bunch of assisted livings, if you’re in certain areas, you wanna have it for, you know, Springfield or I’m in the Washington DC Metro area. So I wanna have something for, you know, Springfield. I wanna have something for Georgetown. I wanna have something for, you know, Rockville, Maryland. I can have it in certain groups.

Or let’s say just when I have my sunrise accounts or my VITAS accounts or something like that you can actually make it in there. But again, it’s free, you take a picture of a card and download it right to your phone. It’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s awesome. And again, you have a copy of this and you have CamCard you’re using it, go and put the chat box so we can see. Next one is for expenses, it’s called Expensify. This is again, I’m gonna say this over and over again. This is super easy and it’s free. All you do is you take a picture of your receipt and it uploads it, right. And it’ll actually categorize it too. So is this a meal? Is this a snack? Is this mileage? Is this a toll? Is this a plane ticket? Is this a book? Whatever it is, it creates a different categories for your accounts payable person. And it’s really simple, easy to use. You literally take a picture of your receipt, you know, if you wrote something on there for a 10% of it usually picks that up pretty well as well. So you take a picture of it, it uploads it, and then you can again, categorize it by certain things. I have them all by month ’cause I do my expense reports on a monthly basis. And then you’re essentially clicking all the expense reports that are associated with, you know, the month of March, the month of April. And then it’ll actually put it all together into a nice little cover sheet for you. And you can send that to your accounts payable person. So again, it’s super easy, super free. And again, like I said, if you are using this Expensify, put a notes in there. Also you can add notes.

So, if you want to put it in that this was for Sunrise Senior Living lunch and learn, you can put a description, you can add in the notes into that thing or this, you know, if you have to quantify it, some of us have to do certain meals based off of certain dollar amounts, you can also put that in there as well. Yeah, super easy to use Apple, Android. All right. This one might be a little bit more confusing. So I spent a little bit more time on this. It’s called ZeeMaps. This is not an app. It’s a website. So, how does this works? By the way, again, this is super easy, super awesome and it’s great. Here’s the coolest thing about this. Okay?

This is great for a new rep, right? Or if you’re changing up territories for your teams, this is really, really good for when you’re just starting out. You’re starting to figure out where to go, who to go see and everything else. What this does is, you literally put in the locations of each of your different accounts. So again, top 20 accounts you’re putting all of your locations into these things. Let’s see if I get my cursor on here, I can put my cursor on it, sweet. All right. So you’re gonna put each of your accounts on the map. You know, you put them in here and it pops up a little green dot or something like that, right? So then, you can actually color code it based off of either A, hierarchy, so is it in your top 20 accounts your top 40 accounts or your top 100 accounts. Or you can highlight it based off of what is it this assisted living, rehab, hospital, whatever it might be. Here’s the benefit of this. You’re like, “well, why do I want to do all that?” Well, because, this is why, you don’t wanna be crisscrossing a state, an area all day long. Instead, if you could visualize where your places are, you’re gonna realize that, “Hey,” can get my cursor back. You know, maybe, you know, this one is all the way out here. So maybe I’ll just get that every now and then, I know it’s a bigger account, it’s green, but let’s… Here’s my cursor. You know, maybe I should hit this area on Mondays, this Southern area on Tuesdays, this area, I’ve got three accounts on here, on Thursdays, this one on Fridays and then I’ll hit this one every other month. Because I can visually see where my accounts are. Now I’ve got a better idea. So it’s a great way of just kind of mapping our accounts. Also, if you’re a manager, you’re an owner and you’re trying to divide up your territory and you’re like, “Well, this person should have this account.” Either A, you can make this again, color coordinated or again, that’s a good way just to visually, see where you’re going and setting up your accounts. And again, if you highlight it, you might realize, “Hey, I’ve got a whole bunch of, you know, “green dots in this area.” You know, either it’s just a livings or top twenties but I only have, you know, one red dot out here. So maybe that’s what it’s just, again it’s a great way just to visually see your territory, right?

Next, Google timeline. All right. The reason this is on there, you know, Google is great. It does a lot of cool things, but this is… What it is is you are actually just, again, simply you log on a Google timeline. It’s actually called Google timeline. What you do is you actually put, this is for per day. So where the last one was, you know, all of your accounts this is a daily thing. So if I’m gonna be visiting, if my goal is to hit 10 accounts a day, I’m gonna put these 10 accounts into my Google timeline. Then what it’s gonna do is, Google actually reshuffle it to figure out the fastest route, right? So instead of just saying, “Well, I’m gonna go here and I’m gonna here, “I’m gonna here,” what Google will actually do, is figure out what is the best route. So many guys may or may not know that UPS only makes right turns, right? ‘Cause they save on gas. You ever met a UPS guy, you can joke and say you have any left turns today. They’ll actually get the joke. So they actually have figured out from a cost efficiency point of view to only make right turns and it helps speed up their day. That’s what basically this does. It helps speed up your day helps start to prevent.

So instead of again, crisscrossing town because you were like, “Well, I need to start with hospitals “and then hit rehab, then do this.” And then it ended up, let’s just figure out the best route, so you can hit more account, because think about it, you know, if I could hit one more extra account a day, how much more beneficial would I be? How much more effective will I be in the field? And versus my competition. Where everybody else has hit 10 accounts, I hit 11, you know, over 10, you know over a month, that’s another, what? 30, 20 accounts? You now hit, at the end of the day… Instead of hitting a hundred counts today, you’re essentially hitting 120 accounts a day. Now you’re so much more advantage. You’ve got so much more advanced because you’re more effective with your time. So the one thing you guys know about me by now is I am an efficiency guy. I am a time management efficiency guy trying to figure out things like my templates which hopefully you’ve all gotten by now, when you need my templates, shoot me an email or put a comment in here telling me you need my templates but I’m an efficiency guy, right? I’m part-time with the Hurricane because I’ve got another job. And for those that know me personally know that I actually referee basketball. So I am a big believer in multiple flows of income and stuff like that.

So in order to do everything I have to be an efficiency guy. And what is, and that’s what Google timeline does is it makes your accounts more efficient for you. As a bonus, as you can see, not only does Google give you the address, it gives you the phones, but it also shows you the reviews. So when you pull up to a place, you can actually see what the reviews are. You can actually see if it’s got comments or something like that on there. And if it’s got a new review, what a cool thing to start to bring up to somebody that it has no reviews in the last year. You could post a review and now you’re like, “Hey, just want to walk in and say, “Hey, by the way, let’s give you guys a five star review “’cause you guys are awesome.” Boom, right there. Or, “Hey, I know you guys are kicking ass at your five-star, “but you know, by the way, you know you just dropped “onto a three-star on Google, just an FYI.” But all of that’s in your phone because Google just puts all of that stuff together for you. So number four is just Google timeline. Awesome.

Alright next. All right, Notes. And you’re like, “Ah, I use notes.” Okay, again, it’s free. But again, one of the things I don’t think you guys do enough in general. And I say you guys, because of just the coaching clients that I talked to, is utilize something like this. You guys sit, everyone seems to sit in these meetings with the families for like hours, like an hour, 90 minutes. That’s because you’re writing down notes and all of this stuff. Stop! Like, your teams with your meetings with individuals one-on-one with resources, pull your phone and just voice text it, just voice text it. Now you’re not having to sit there with a pen and paper all day. You know nothing against pen to paper, nothing against taking notes. I’m a big believer in notes. But what you wanna do is, you wanna make this thing more efficient, right? So pull out your phone. And if you voice it into your phone, your voice, it will text it on there. Might not be a hundred percent right but it gets the general idea. If you want to correct it, you can correct it later when you’re in your car. But here’s the other thing, because so many of you, most salespeople are really bad at notes, as I am.

We don’t always put it into our CRM and then our bosses hate us because there’s no notes in the system. Well, that’s because we don’t have time to type it all out. Well, again, you put everything into voice text, it types it up for you and then you copy and paste it into any CRM, right? So it’s makes your life a lot easier. It makes your life a lot more efficient, right? So everyone should have notes automatically downloaded. But now start using voice texts a lot more. And the more you do it, the more you’ll start to correct it. And I’ll get your words and your verbiage and everything else. There’s higher. I mean, there’s things that you can pay for it, you know make sure it’s perfectly a hundred percent but for right now, we’ll just start practicing it. When you walk to your car, this is the one thing I always do and I always tell all my sales reps. When you’re walking to your car, that five minutes walk that… Sorry, that 50 yards, you walk to your car, that’s a voice text. Hey, I just left Sunrise Senior Living. I met with Janice, choose the social worker. She says that she doesn’t have any families now, but she’s gonna be thinking about us in the future, period. Make sure we drop off brochures and follow up on Monday regarding the Jones family, period. Next steps is to set up a lunch and learn with the executive director, period. Boom. I could say that as I walked to my car, it’s in my voice text, make sure it’s all spelled right. Then I put in my CRM and I’m done, move on to the next account. I’m faster, I’m much more efficient and I’m moving forward. All right. So those are my top five notes that we kind of go through. Also I would like to give you guys a nice social media, right?

My bonus on social media. So it’s all you guys love social media. I think we should be using it more. And so here’s my, here’s the deal, first off, all of them, right? Get on, make sure you’re on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you know, all of those Google plus, because most of the likely your accounts are as well. And so before I’m walking into any of my accounts, I’m looking at social media, I’m looking to see if, and again I’m going to stick with Sunrise because Sunrise is based in Washington, say it’s easy. I’ve got like 16 of them by my house. So Sunrise of Springfield, before I walk in I’m gonna see if they posted anything, right? ‘Cause I wanna see if, and you’ve heard me say this in the past. I wanna know if maybe there’s an employee of the month. Maybe my social worker, she’s got employee of the month in the building, maybe the executive or maybe the salesperson. Now I can walk in and say, “Hey, congratulations, “just saw you got employee of the month.” That’s awesome. Maybe Gertrude just turned 101 years old. And when you walk in there and you’re talking to a salesperson or “Nurse, I don’t have any families for you today.” “That’s okay. “I wanna meet Gertrude, 101 year old.” “Oh, you saw that.” “Yeah that’s awesome. “Can I meet her?” Can you see it’s cool. Yeah, and so now what you’re doing, yeah. Five star, which, whatever they post. Now I had a salesperson today say, “Well, they don’t post every day. “There’s really not much on there.” That I understand that.

And I understand that some of these are not, you know some of these accounts are not gonna be very social, they don’t post a lot. But whatever they do post, you wanna be aware of it, because it’s so much, it takes you five seconds. And I know all of you on your phones anyway, all the time. So it takes you five seconds to look to see if they posted anything the last two weeks. Right. And if they haven’t, they haven’t. But guess what if they have, and you see that Gertrude, you see the sales reps, on employee of the month or anything like that. How much more of an advantage of that is that to you walking in, because you don’t have to go in and just start talking about, “hey, do you have anybody from me today?” You’re not talking about something fun. Right? The second thing about social media is host to their account.

And for me to say this over and over and over again. Who looks at the Sunrise Springfield’s Facebook page? There’s two people, two groups. One is the employees and families that currently live there, right? ‘Cause they’re all the tools sit down own sunrise account. It’s them. Right? Who else does? Your competitors, right. So, if the home and dad’s, the visiting angels, home care care assistants, you know, how cool is it? Is if you post, “Hey, happy birthday, Gertrude” or “Congratulations on employee of the month award.” You know what that shows, that shows that you’re connected with that account. And then I saw that from one of my competitors. The first thing I’m thinking is like, “Damn, they’re really deep into their account. “I’ve got to hang up, I’ve got to back off. “Maybe I should back off or maybe I should, you know “wait around or do something else.” So if you post on their account not saying like sales name, like, you know, give me some, give me a referrals or “Hey, let’s partner up.” No, no, no.

It’s comments on something that they’re already doing. Again, congratulations should be. So my, my rule is I do, I try to do I 5/5/5 as my rule. Because here’s the other thing again I’m thinking about efficiency. If I can go on to buy the counts and I go to five accounts or for five days I go to five accounts and it takes me five minutes. It’s supposed to five word comment. “Now congratulations, Gertrude on turning 101,” right? Five words. Now, think about that over a month. If I just do five accounts for five days, five days a week it literally takes me five minutes, shouldn’t take me more than five minutes.

That’s five times five is 25 times four, that is a hundred. I just hit a hundred accounts. It took me five minutes a day. If you could touch a hundred more accounts a day, how valuable was that to you? And it’s so much more efficient, right? So much more efficient. So anyway, as a quick review, I’m not gonna be able to back. Let’s see. I’ll just go back to the original one. All right. So as a review, we hit on five plus a bonus. So business cards, we wanna look at CamCard. Expense reports, we wanna look at an Expensify. For mapping, we wanna look at ZeeMaps. For timelines we wanna look at Google timeline. Notes we want to look at the Notes app and bonus for social media is our 5/5/5 rule.