Hello my friends, Steve The Hurricane here, and on today’s episode of “A Drink With The Hurricane”, we’re gonna talk about five tips on how you can improve the quality of life of your patients.

For this episode, I always like to share other experts opinions on things and this episode is no different as I’m gonna introduce you to one of my good friends from Veterans Care Coordination, Miss Cheryl Hammond.

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So take advantage of it because once we’ve reached that $50,000 mark, which is 200 sessions, we’re not gonna be doing them anymore. So get your strategy session before it’s too late. And so, without further adieu, here are five tips that you can do to help improve the quality of life of your seniors. Take it away Cheryl.

Thank you Steve. You know the life expectancy in the U.S. is 78 years. Those who live beyond 78 consider those as kinda the bonus years for things that they want to do. I know you may have heard of the term the golden years. That actually comes from an add from 1959 for Sun City. And the idea behind it was leisure and fun. Home Care does such a great job with companion care and personal care. Well, I wanna add a third element to that and that’s fun care. We need to make sure that our seniors are living the best possible life they can and giving those lives the golden seal of approval. I have five ways that you can do that with your clients.

The first one is to keep them in touch. Many times, families live far away. Actually, the average is 260 miles. And oftentimes the senior gets disconnected with their grandchildren or their great-grandchildren. A great way to keep them connected is through Facebook or FaceTime. If they are interested, host a Facebook class. Maybe with a Geek Squad or something like that so that you can help them learn how to use Facebook. FaceTime is also great. You can have your caregivers do that with them with their loved ones or you can schedule a time and do a drop-in visit and schedule FaceTime with their family. Either one of these will put a little pep in their step.

The second thing you can do is help them give away their passion. My dad is 91 years old and he was an executive chef as his career. He loved to bake bread and he makes incredible bread. So I hosted an event. And they came, it was a lot of my friends, and my dad taught them how to make homemade bread. He was a rockstar, they were thinking he was a rockstar and they loved it. It’s been a few years since I’ve had that event and he still talks about that. He’ll say, Cheryl, I’ve perfected that bread recipe, we need to do that again. And I’m sure my friends would love that too. So see what I’m saying is find something that they are passionate about and they love doing and help them give that away to the younger generation. I think they would enjoy it and so would the younger generation.

The next thing is to allow them to do something they’ve always wanted to do. You know, I always wanted to learn sign language and I never did it. Now I have a grandson who speaks through sign language so I took a class. I felt very accomplished. I’m really not good at it but I felt very accomplished. If you talk to a senior long enough, they’re gonna tell you something they wished they’d always done. And it could be as simple as learning calligraphy or write a story, or learn how to sew. It could be anything. And help them learn how to do that thing they wished they’d always wanted to do.

The next thing you wanna do is get them active. Go to the park, take walks, buy some small little instruments like maracas or tambourines, and let them play along to some music. Or let them teach the caregiver maybe a dance that was very popular during their day. All of this will help them get a little more active. I think you see what I’m talking about.

And then the last thing that you wanna do is help them to truly power down. As we age, sometimes sleeping becomes an issue. So make sure that their bedroom is dark, it’s cool, that it’s very quiet and that they keep a bedtime routine. This will help them get ready for all of those other things that you’re gonna introduce to them in their lives. These simple five things will help you make their years golden.