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When you’re trying to grow your home care business, it can help to have good relationships with social workers. But it can often be difficult to build relationships with social workers from scratch. In this episode of A Drink With the Hurricane, I give inside information from social workers about ways to make the introduction process easier.

You need to build good relationships with social workers to build up business, but as you know from personal experience, it can be tricky to meet new social workers. If they don’t know who you are, what your agency does or what services you offer, you’re at a disadvantage, even when you walk into a referral source. Are there tips or tricks that can help streamline this process?

At our upcoming boot camp, one of the featured presentations is a social worker interview. I’ve gotten input from social workers – they share details about people with home care agencies who want to approach them for business. In the video, the social workers have shared their pet peeves. They’ve said how they wish to be approached by home care agencies. They even explain why they’ve chosen to work with the agencies that they work with. This inside information should help you grow your business, and it’s only available during our next boot camp. If you sign up, the things you’ll learn will be well worth the cost of the session.

I’m sharing one helpful detail from the social workers here, but I’m saving the rest of their advice for the upcoming boot camp.

Get introduced by someone the social worker works with

You’ve probably tried calling social workers to make appointments with them, but if you’ve done this, you know that it isn’t extremely effective. Cold calls are tough.

Social workers have shared this insider tip: If you have a relationship with someone else who works with the social worker, it can work to your advantage. Social workers like it when a mutual acquaintance introduces you.

If you have a power partner – someone whom you work with because you both target the same type of clients – and she works with a social worker, that colleague can help the two of you connect.

Having a friend or colleague in common can often smooth introductions and help to swing things in your favor. Do you remember being in high school and wanting to ask a girl to the homecoming dance? You could have just gone up to the girl and asked her out, but there was a decent chance that she’d say no, and the anxiety was nerve-wracking. But if you and she had a mutual friend, you could have floated the idea out to her friend first so the friend could suggest the idea to the girl, to gauge her interest before you asked her out. Then, when you asked out the girl, things were pointed in your favor, because the girl was already thinking about you as date material.

The same is true about a power partner and a social worker. Maybe you know someone who works in the social worker’s building or someone she does business with. It could be someone whom she sees daily, whom she has a working professional relationship with. She could mention your name or your business to build you up in the social worker’s mind before you reach out by phone. Maybe the person you know in common is someone you shadow sometimes. You could be with the power partner when she’s meeting with the social worker, and she could make an introduction on the spot.

With this type of introduction, the social worker is more likely to decide to work with you. She may say to her trusted colleague, “I’ve worked with you for ten years. If you’re working with Steve, I guess I’ll also work with him.”

A good introduction can expedite the referral process and get things moving in your favor.

This is just one tip from the social workers in the special video that we shot. We’ll reveal many more tips during our upcoming boot camp, and it will help you grow your business. Come to the boot camp. Invest in yourself and your company. Get the know-how that you need to go back to your offices and execute what the social workers say, and you can Blow Away The Competition!


Click Here for More Info About The Next Hurricane Home Care Boot Camp