Home Care Marketing

I can’t tell you how many home care marketers complain to me about their lack of referrals.  Despite their hard-working efforts, so many marketing representatives are falling short of getting business.  And the question is always, “WHY?”

The answer is simple:  You’re looking in all the wrong places!

That’s right — Dialysis centers, doctors’ offices and senior centers are the WORST referral sources.  So let’s change gears and start looking elsewhere for referrals.

The Home Care Pulse Report surveyed more than 1,000 private-paying home care companies, and gathered some of the best places to land business.

Here are some of the best referral sources for home care marketers:

  1. Home Health and Hospice agencies
  2. Hospitals
  3. Skilled Nursing Facilities
  4. Rehab Centers
  5. Geriatric Care Managers
  6. Elder Law Attorneys
  7. Area office on aging
  8. Assisted Living Communities

The key here is to qualify your accounts; and that’s exactly what these places help you accomplish.

They have four key themes in common:

  • Census – it’s all about the number of patients they maintain.
  • Medicare – You’re looking for Medicare patients because this means they have income.  So you’ll want to know the facility’s Medicare numbers.  (If the patients didn’t have income, they’d be on Medicaid).
  • Contract/Lease – (For the Independent and Assisted Living Communities ONLY), you need to know the average length of their contract.  You should probably avoid anything less than a YEAR, as the clients there will most likely NOT be able to afford your private pay services.
  • Discharge/Admissions Numbers – Ask yourself, how many people come through these doors?  You need to know these figures to see if it’s even worth seeking referrals there.  Every SNF, ALF, Home Health and Hospice has their average numbers.  Those with the highest volume will likely be the most difficult to get into—BUT—the juice is worth the squeeze!!

If you’re not going into these communities/facilities listed above, you won’t get referrals—bottom line!  Some marketers think it’s hard to get into these places, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  These healthcare companies are already working with home care marketers; why not get them to work with you?

Here’s what you need to do:

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We’ll be giving you every tool you need to start getting into these places, and landing some great referrals.  My team will show you exactly how to grow your census, revenues and profits.  There’s no better time for Private Duty, non-medical home care to take earn its rightful spot in the healthcare industry.  I can’t wait to see you all there!

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