Home Care Marketing

Every once in a while I get these phone calls or emails from people who have attended my events or watched my videos online, complaining that they are spending “Way too much money on lunch n learns”.  When I get this feedback, my natural response is to dig further and discover.   I usually ask them “How much did you spend on your last one?”  To which they reply with something absurd, such as “275 dollars!”.  I will then say “Were there like 20-30 people there?” and then they tell me “No! We had 4 or 5 people!!”  And that’s when I lose it. 

This is something I feel had to be said because it’s happening too often and I hear too many people come to me complaining about doing lunch n learns, which is VITAL to the success of your Direct Referral Marketing efforts.  This shouldn’t be!  So here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

  • What is the purpose of the lunch n learn?  Why are you there?  You are there to educate your potential referral source on your product or services.  That is the ONLY reason for you to do these events. 
  • Second, you do not have to feed them.  Feeding them is a “Nice Gesture” meaning YOU DON’T HAVE TO BRING FOOD.  We ask for Lunch n Learns because it’s a good way to get everyone to show up. 
  • Wow them with your Content, not your food.  If you think someone is going to refer you a patient because you ordered lunch from “Chateau Mucho Dinero”, you’re WRONG!  Have a stellar program and speak well during your lunch n learn, THAT’S where you will get your referrals from
  • Have a budget for this.  I guarantee that 90% of you watching this video and reading this, do not have a budget set aside for lunch n learns.  I recommend 500 a month total direct marketing budget and this should be about HALF. 

There were so many times over the years where I did pizza, sub sandwiches cut into quarters or sixes, Chinese food, etc.  To feed 5-10 people with these items doesn’t cost much at all.  I even remember several people doing in services for me and my staff who DIDN’T have a big budget at all and they MADE FOOD FOR US!  One lady brought in baked Ziti (It was AWESOME) and another brought in a homemade salad with dressings (I told her we were a healthy bunch).  Still another good tip, do BREAKFAST meetings.  A dozen bagels and donuts, a stick of butter, and a box of Joe will run you 20-30 dollars and you can feed 10+ people. 

This is how to get by on a shoestring budget and still be effectively driving referrals.  So the next time you’re planning on doing a lunch n learn in service for home care referrals, don’t call the most expensive place in town.  Be smart with your money, invest in training on how to do lunch n learns or create specialized programs.  THAT’S where you will see your biggest ROI.   This is all I do through our Coaching services and Home Care Revenue Builders.  If you need help, we are here for you.  Helping Service Providers find those in need of care is our Mission!