As business owner or marketing rep, it is your goal to grow your business. Let’s take a moment and think about how you are making referrals. Picture your main contact, the one who provides you with your most leads. You might know his or her name however, do you know the names of everyone else at the account?

So what happens if your main contact leaves the company? Or that person is in a meeting when you stop by? Now what? In this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I will teach how we can keep referral sources when the main contact has left.

One of the things we teach all our clients at HME is to blanket the account. Blanketing the account is the art of becoming familiar with EVERYONE and creating a relationship with them. This is an efficient marketing strategy because it allows you to speak to 4-5 people in an hour rather than just one individual.

How? It’s easy. The next time you walk into the account take the time to get to know all the key contacts. Yes, this might be time consuming, in fact it should be. Having a goal to meet a new person every time you drop by an account will give you direction. We know it takes an average of 8-12 visits to develop an account, so each time you drop in to see your main contact, asked to be introduced to someone else. Do this regularly, until you meet everyone there. Once you have established a relationship with everyone at the account you are breaking down potential barriers that could harm you in the future. Now for example, if Sally leaves the account you can now talk to Sally’s boss or coworker to gain essential information about the new representative of her position.

Home Care thrives on word of mouth. By creating multiple contacts at the account, it helps everyone to get to know you better. When you are making a good impression on more than one person, they will talk about you when you are not around. This is the dream! When you (and your company) are regularly on their minds, they are MUCH more likely to think of you when they have referrals. Once you have the know, like, and trust factory established with 1-2 people at an account, it becomes a domino effect.  This could create great opportunities for you. Now let’s say, Sally left unexpectedly, the administrator may come to you and ask if you know anyone who can fill the position. This is like hitting the Jack Pot! By helping someone land a job, it gives you a heads up in the industry. Why? Because if you know the person well, and helped them out, they will be more than likely to help you get, A win-win for everyone!

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