As we all know creating Power Partners gives you that competitive advantage for your business to succeed. The purpose of these individuals are to share referrals, ideas, clients, and information. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve will discuss part 1 of creating a team of Preferred Providers.


Video Transcript:

Hi everyone, Steve The Hurricane here, and for today’s episode of A Drink with the Hurricane, we’re gonna talk about creating a preferred provider’s group.

To create a preferred provider’s group, there’s a couple of things that we have to consider. The first thing we gotta do when it comes to creating a preferred provider group is that we have to take leadership and organize it. Take leadership and organize it! Here’s the thing, do preferred provider groups exist already? In some markets, yes. To get involved in someone else’s group is good but if you start your own group, it’s better.

Why? Because you are the one who organizes it. You are the one who essentially becomes the executive director of that group and you bring the other companies and other partners that you already have an established relationship with like your home health and your hospices. You bring the people in that you know have the business, who understand how to refer, who you probably already have somewhat of a referring relationship with. The goal of the preferred provider group is to do a couple of things. One, first and foremost, let’s talk about the patients.

A preferred provider group is designed to increase the positive outcomes for the patients. The best way to do that is through an interdisciplinary team approach. I’m gonna say that again, an interdisciplinary team approach. The reason why I repeated myself is because this is a term that you need to become familiar with when it comes to creating a preferred provider group.

Now the second part of it, that are going to ask what’s in it for them? The answer is improved outcomes for our patients. What’s in it for all of us is we grow our censuses. I’m gonna grow my business. My preferred providers in this group together, they’re gonna grow their businesses because we’re all gonna be referring each other on a regular, consistent basis. We are all gonna be meeting with each other on a regular, consistent basis and we’re gonna be going over outcomes of the patients that we’re collectively working on together on a regular, consistent basis.

If I’m the one who organized it. if I’m the one who’s the leader of it. I’m the one who really controls how successful or unsuccessful that group is going to be. We dictate everything. We decide when the meetings are. We decide what we’re gonna discuss. We decide to make sure that we’re referring each other and if people aren’t, you ask them to leave and you bring in someone else who does what they do. This is something that you can easily do but it all comes from taking the initiative, taking action, and doing something as a business owner.

You should have at least a million dollars of revenue before you start talking about doing a preferred provider group because you gotta know what you’re doing and be able to deliver on it. But when you’re used to doing this for yourself, it should be easy to do to bring in other companies and work together towards a common goal or a common vision.

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