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In today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I discuss the importance of networking with your peers. There are lots of benefits to attending networking events, industry conferences, local community meetings, and even generic business groups. Depending on the type of event you are attending, and the attendees who will be there, you will get different benefits.

You can network to meet contacts in facilities to potentially get referrals. You can meet people from companies to Power Partner with and grow your business simultaneously. You can also meet people who own the exact type of business you own. All of these can lead to tremendous opportunities and help you to grow your business.

Who knows your industry better than other people in it? Seek out the people in your exact shoes, to use as a sounding board. To discuss industry best practices. To talk through ideas and tough situations. This is going to help you tremendously.

Plan to attend some regional, or national events, specific to your industry. Go with the goal of finding two connections who are not your direct competitors. One who is in a similar place in their business as you are (i.e. both brand new, both in business 5 years with $1M revenue, etc.), and another who is where you want to be in the next year or two. These can be your Power Partners in a different way.

Set a meeting or call with the one in your same boat for every week or every other week. This person can be your accountability partner. You two help each other stay on track. Set a meeting or call with the one you want to emulate for about once a month. This person can be your mentor. Bounce ideas off him/her. Ask questions, and seek guidance. Many business owners forget how important these two roles are in the success of their organization.

With these two additional “team members” in your court, you are putting everything in place so you can Blow Away the Competition!

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