Hello, my friends Steve the Hurricane here with a big announcement. I have four big announcements that I’m going to be doing every single week for the month of May.


The first big announcement is about the Millionaire’s Boot Camp that’s coming up. I know a lot of people like the boot camps. A lot of times, people are waiting for us to come to your town.


I’m letting you know officially, this is the last boot camp for a long time. Now, what’s a long time? At least, a year.


All right because there’s a lot of things going on and a lot of commitments and I’m only going to be doing boot camps for so much longer.


So if you’re holding off, until the next boot camp, you might be waiting until 2020, 2021, or longer, until you get a chance to come to the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp. Now, this particular boot camp is the Millionaire’s Boot Camp.


If you’ve been to the other two, and you’ve never been to this one, this is the one to go to. It’s a very high level, high for big businesses, businesses doing a million dollars plus. That’s the one you want to come to this.


Or if you’re doing $800,000, $700,000, and you want to be in the big boy club, then you need to sign up and be at this Millionaire’s Boot Camp because again it’s high level — how to create preferred providers groups adding care coordination to your organization, hospital referrals, and so many other topics. It is incredible.


These events all sell out. We already have about 75 people registered and confirmed for this one. A hundred and fifty is when it sells out. So we’re halfway there. And it’s still three months away. So you have to make sure you get your tickets now.


Don’t wait. There’s not going to be another boot camp in 2019. So that’s it. You do this. Otherwise you got to wait for a long time. And you’re business is worth the investment.


So I will see you July 17th, 18th, and 19th. Because for three other big announcements about this event coming up later on this month. This is the first one.


Get there now. Reserve your spot because it will sell out as they always do. And we’re not doing another boot camp in 2019.


All right. I’ll talk to you soon my friends. God bless!