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Networking plays a fundamental role in business today. It is necessary for an individual to know how to network effectively, to not only expand their business, but to create a name for themselves as well. The purpose of a networking event is to develop new contacts as well as continue developing relationships with existing ones. As a business owner, I find it essential to network wherever I go. In this week’s episode of a Drink with “The Hurricane,” I cover Networking Marketing and the concept of Booking a Meeting from a Meeting.

At most marketing events, there are many people to get to know and it is crucial to maintain these connections to expand your relationships. This is where book a meeting from a meeting (BMFM) comes into play. As you are creating these new connections, I recommend you book a follow up meeting on the spot. As a business owner, I know life can get in the way, and sometimes a follow up is hard to achieve. This is why you want to book an appointment right away to ensure that you will be able to meet with your new connection again.

When setting up a meeting it’s good to show your appreciation for your new contact. Tell them that you are glad to have met them as well as that you have interest in meeting with them again. It’s good to show them that you want to learn more about their business and that you are interested in working together in the future with them. This is a key to becoming a successful marketer. This gives the new contact a reason to book an appointment because it will not only help you, but it will help them as well.

When scheduling the appointment, you must know your own availability first. Come up with specific days and times that work best for you. Once you have done so, suggest two different time slots to see if it fits in your contact’s schedule. If not, the contact can provide other dates and times that work better for them. Scheduling a meeting on the spot will lead to developing relationships faster which can increase referrals as well as saving you time.

Booking a meeting from a meeting is just one of the three core foundations of being successful as a marketing representative. Come visit our website to get the rest. This information is sure to help you understand what you have to do to generate referrals and Blow Away the Competition!