Hey there my friends, it’s Steve “The Hurricane” and for today’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” we’re gonna talk about branding and how it can make a significant impact on your business, especially during a pandemic. Cheers. A Drink With “The Hurricane.” The home care, sales and marketing talk show that discusses all things growing your home care business.

All right, so that webinar that I did on May 5th was fantastic and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you who were part of that webinar. If you weren’t on it, you definitely need to contact my office, follow the link below where you can get direct access to see everything that I went over on how to help you have 2020 still be your best year yet even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, all right. And part of what I discussed there, I’m gonna go over with you now and the power of branding.

Now here, just in this shot, from where I’m sitting at my desk in my basement office at home, you see the power of branding. If you’ve been watching my videos for the last, I don’t know, eight years now of doing these videos, you always see a hurricane somewhere in there pretty much since 2013. I’ve always had the hurricane logo somewhere. It’s branding, brand recognition. It’s on all of my products, you see, you know here’s the Hurricane University gift box that people receive when they invest in my program, the hurricane colors, the hurricane swirl.

It’s all designed here to help you put your marketing effort into motion. When you look at my hurricane itself, it looks like it’s moving, a hurricane is powerful, it’s strong, it gives you confidence that you can do this, it is a force of nature. I am a force of nature. You see it on my coffee cup, people actually ask me and they buy the coffee cups. You see it on my mouse pad, it’s everywhere. Now, what does this do for your business? Well I’ll tell you what it does for mine. First, people recognize me. People in this industry recognize and know who I am, who my company is.

I have gone as far as to fly on a plane somewhere, get picked up by an Uber driver and sit in his car and the Uber driver turned around and go, “You’re Steve “The Hurricane!” I know who you are, I thought about getting into the home care industry, I watched your videos and studied you for 18 months, man, you’re awesome.” That has happened to me. Why? Because of branding. People know this symbol and it’s synonymous with marketing and growing your organization. That is huge.

I have had industry experts, I have had non-industry, business experts like Grant Cardone, who you’ve all probably heard of, who when he looks at me and sees the things that I do, has said to me, “You are a master of branding.” And the same thing happened at Care Choice which is my private-duty home care company from 2005 through 2012 and everywhere you went I wore Care Choice embroidered shirts, every brochure and obviously had our logo and stuff on it, all of our marketing collaterals were branded and it was uniform and it flowed. Every promo event, I was all over the promo items, now I’m sharing this with you and you should be writing these things down, you know, you should have promo items.

And I stress this because for some of us, it sounds obvious but for a lot of us, “Well, I don’t wanna spend the money, I have to be careful with what I spend money on and I don’t wanna spend money.” You have to realize, it takes money to make money. If I spend money on again, mouse pads, think about a mouse pad for example. How often do people change mouse pads? Not very often. Now if you have a cool logo like this, people are gonna keep this and they’re gonna see it every single day. And they see it every single day, every time they glance at it they’re gonna think of in this case, if it’s your company logo, you. And your business. That’s branding.

Think about the Geico gecko, think about Fruity Pebbles with Barney and Fred Flintstone, right. All the other big brands that have a logo or a spokesperson. Even think about the, what is it, the Flo, Flo, the agent from Progressive Insurance, right. I forgot the name of the company for a moment there, Progressive Insurance but Flo, you know Flo because you see her all the time. That’s brand awareness. That’s brand recognition. That’s what it’s all about.

And so during a pandemic, if you did a good job with all of your promotional items and your marketing materials and you’ve handed them out and you’ve distributed them at every luncheon, if you do these things I teach you in the Hurricane system and the Hurricane program, where every month you have a tchotchke of the month, a promo item of the month, coffee cups, highlighters and pens, clipboards. Whatever it is, you are creating brand recognition and to the people who receive those items, if you’re doing it correctly, doing it the way that I teach you, when you’re dropping it off, that becomes an extension of you, that becomes an extension of your business and that’s what helps to get remembered.

Imagine being a social worker and you find there’s a patient in your building that needs assistance and you’re sipping coffee out of a coffee cup that has your company’s name and logo on it. It’s going to trigger, it’s going to ring a bell. This is why it’s so important that we do this and we give this stuff out. So now as I went through this, I gave you a bunch of examples of how this works and I also gave you a bunch of examples of things you should be putting your logos on.

Something that I will throw out there in addition to, and if you need information with this you should be contacting my office and every person last week in that webinar that I did, I gave every single person who attended that webinar live a free strategy session where we are helping them plan out the rest of 2020, that’s 250 dollars of what I charge for that, we’re doing that for free for every person that’s on that webinar. You want one, you need to contact us, details below and we’ll get you a strategy session too to help you specifically.

Because a video is good, imagine sitting down with one of our coaches on the phone, for you know, 40 minutes to an hour about making your plan for the rest of this year, that’s gonna greatly impact your business, you make sure you get that strategy session. But if you remember from what I said in that webinar, you remember what I’m saying about the branding and everything else, it makes a difference. And if I was to do a promo item right now, I would do hand sanitizers definitely, because everybody needs that, you can get 1000’s of them for a relatively affordable price. I would also look at getting masks, there are masks and there are companies that will put your logo on the mask. People are gonna be using this for the long term.

People always need hand sanitizers, and I don’t know the exact date but I would imagine for the next six months to a year people are going to be wearing masks in the general population, in the general public. These are things that people will use and if you jump on the bandwagon before everybody else does, and you be the trend-setter, you will get the leg up and the branding, people will be reusing your masks and it’ll help you to get that brand recognition which helps you grow your business even if in a depressed economic situation. So, there’s the tip for the week. Remember again, get your strategy session, we’re doing this for the month of May so get on it now, get on it now and we’re gonna help you blow away the competition.