Home Care Marketing

In this week’s Episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane”, Steve the Hurricane talks about how to effectively be the marketer and manage operations for your one man (woman) Home Care Company (Private Duty or Medicare). He also shares the testimonial of one of his Coaching Clients, Mr. Mike McWilliams of Ally Senior Care in CA. If you are in Home Care Marketing for Private Duty or Medicare certified or Hospice, then you must watch this episode, especially if it’s all on YOU!!!

It is difficult to manage and marketing your business. It is all about time management. For every hour of week you can spend marketing, see one person. For example, 20 hours= 20 people. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go to 20 different locations. Try and see 3 people at each facility and have meaningful conversations.


Mr. Mike Williams from California, Coaching Client Message:

  • In September they had a 400% increase of new business brought in compared to their previously highest month. Mike tried to review what he had done that month that made the difference. He determined that it was thanks to the help from Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

Thank you Mike for you heartfelt message. We love to hear stories from our clients. Our goal is to help you and nothing makes us happier then your success.