Care Coordination is very important when it comes to evaluating a client’s need and creating a plan of action for their care. This is how you are going to increase your ROI per client. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve is going to discuss part 1 of Care Coordination.


Video Transcript

Hi folks, Steve “The Hurricane” here. For today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, we’re gonna talk about care coordination and bringing it to an agency near you.

So care coordination is one of the featured presentations of the upcoming home care Millionaires Boot Camp this July in St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve been looking at a trend over the last three or four years from the Home Care Pulse Report that the total revenue per client has been going down every single year which doesn’t make sense. It costs us more to get care givers now than ever, costs us more to get clients now than ever. Yet, the revenue generated per client is declining. That tells me we don’t know how to keep our clients.

Care coordination was a vital part of my agency which was doing almost five million dollars a year when I left and sold the company. So when you think about care coordination, how to keep a client on services, and how it helps with retention of care givers because you’re actually managing people. This is something that every agency should do. At the boot camp, I’m gonna talk about how you can charge for this.

Now, I’m gonna talk today specifically about what to do on a field visit as part of care coordination. So the first part of it is when you go to a client’s house, you wanna obviously talk to the client. Now when you first walk in to the client’s house, it’s gonna be the client and the care giver and they’ll be putting on a “dog and pony show”. What I mean by a dog and pony show, they’re going to basically be “yessing” you to death and talking nicely and playing nice in the sand box and all of that.

However, as soon as you ask to speak to the client in private and the care giver leaves, that’s when everything gets real, right? That’s when you start finding out what is really going on. Well I can’t stand when so and so does this and so and so does that. Many of my care givers came from Africa or from the Island Nations and fish was a staple in their diet. One of the biggest complaints that I used to get with my care givers, was that they would stink up the house everyday during their lunch breaks. This would be a common complaint that I dealt with on a regular basis.

So here’s what you wanna do with everything. First, when you talk to the client one on one, you’re gonna wanna schmooze with the client for a little bit. Make small talk, how you doing? How’s your son? How’s your daughter? If you remember back to when you first sold the case You should remember or be able to find out the other family members that they’re in contact. That’s a great way to schmooze for a little bit.

Then you’re gonna find out what’s going on with the care giver and they’re gonna tell ya. Now you’re gonna address any hiccups or any other issues. Most of the time there is some kind of issue that they have. And so when it comes up, there’s a couple ways to address it. One of my favorite ways to do it is to say…

“Okay, so here’s what I’m gonna do. Now that I’ve spoken to you and I got the gist of what’s going on here, I’m going to tactfully speak to my care giver now. We are going to come up with a solution and we can then all meet together to talk it out and find a way to make this work.

Because you really like so and so, don’t you?”

And they’re always like, yes, yes yes, yes yes. Usually, at this point in the game, there’s a lot of stuff that goes on before this. About three weeks or maybe even a month or so in when this happens, so they’ve already been together for a while. They don’t wanna change and this will help you to keep that revolving door of care givers where it’s constantly changing people from happening. That’s why care coordination is such an important part of it. A lot of times you have a hard time keeping care givers because we can’t manage ‘em. They’re constantly changing cases and then they end up leaving and going somewhere else. This prevents that from happening.

So, again, this was a couple bullets on one slide of many slides of the care coordination presentation which is one of the featured topics of The Hurricane Millionaires Boot Camp. I cannot stress enough the importance of signing up and coming to this event.

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