Home Care Marketing

This is a question I get asked from business owners often, and not only in this industry. While I do know a bit about this topic, I thought it would be best to have an expert on training speak to you guys about it. So, for today’s episode of a Drink with “The Hurricane” I turn it over to my pal, Kevin, from the Institute for Professional Care Education. He will be discussing the importance of Employee Training.

The answer is YES! As a business owner, I find that education is the key to success in any sales and marketing company. It is ideal to train new employees to understand the ins and outs of your company before they talk to potential clients. It is crucial that employees understand the company’s mission statements, objectives, and goals before advertising company materials. This will not only strengthen the companies ties, but portray your team as cohesive. 

With 20 years of marketing and sales experience, Kevin developed a program to build a marketing strategy that works. Kevin will be speaking at the Hurricane Marketing Bootcamp on Real World Applications focusing on the importance of employee training. Employee training is essential for a business to grow, as well as succeed.

When talking to clients, it is important to give them real life scenarios when it comes to marketing and sales tactics that make them think. For example, in our day to day life we categorize restaurants based on stars. This rating system is essential for potential customers to either walk into the restaurant or avoid it completely. Training your employees will make your company credible. Being credible is the key to success.  You want to show your client that you are giving them the best advice out there and by training your employees you can do just that! Having a team that is trained properly shows that you are dedicated to your clients as well provide your team with extensive knowledge about your company’s brand.

In our day to day lives we are focused on getting the best brands a company has to offer. We do not see settling as an option. So why would you want to settle in your business? Training your employees will help them to provide proper knowledge and expertise on your company. Potential clients are looking for the best of the best in the homecare industry and training your employees could set you apart from the competition. At the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp, Kevin will focus on different strategies that can be done to take your business to the next level to make sure you “Blow Away the Competition.”