In this week’s episode of The Coaches Corner, Abe discusses the importance of community involvement and how it can help open doors.

Video Transcript

Hey! Hey! Hey Hurricane family. This is Abe Carrol, one of your coaches at the Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. I wanna talk about being a part of something in your community that’s gonna support it. I’m not talking about sending off money to save animals in a third-world country, but something that happens in your backyard. Not that that’s bad. But taking care of your community and being a part of something that you’re gonna see, something that you can make sense of.

I’m out in front of a CCRC right now here in the Medford area, and I’m getting ready to partake in a strategic planning outfit, and it’s part of a senior center, a base group that’s gonna put together a years-to-come plan on how we see the center functioning as a whole in the future. And this is a long time coming. This center has been struggling for years and years and years on end. And everybody that’s been in this seat has tried to push it along as much as possible and hasn’t really made it move in such a direction as we have right now.

But we have tons of people that are involved in it right now, and lots of key players, lots of people that know people. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get out there and start networking with people. Like I said this is being held, and two of the members on my board are people that are high up and respected in this CCRC. It just opens tons of doors for you.

So get out there. Switch it up a bit. Be a part of something that you can see change in your own community. Cheers, you guys!