In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Meghan Smith discusses strategies to help you generate referrals during slow times of the summer. 


Video Transcript

Hey everybody, I’m Meghan Smith. I’m one of the coaches here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. It’s summertime and one of the things that have been brought up with several of my clients is that things are slowing down in the summer. This is across the board, health care industry-wide. So one of the things I want you to keep in mind for summer is that we have to think outside of the box a little bit. So, getting involved with your local churches, finding out if they, if you can speak at one of their support groups. And the also, your local support groups. So, your Alzheimer’s Association, if there is a Parkinson’s support group, MS. Any of these things, volunteer to be a speaker. Being able to speak about the importance of respite and family caregiver burnout, these are things that we let go all of the time, right? As a family, we want to be able to take care of our loved ones and sometimes we don’t realize when we need a break as well so that we can better take care of our loved ones. Also, wanted to give a little bit of a shout out to my hospice agencies.

I have a question for you. How involved is your medical director? If you’re thinking to yourself, well, they show up for IDT or case conference when they’re supposed to, they sign the orders when we need them to, then they’re not involved enough. You have a wealth of knowledge right there at your fingertips. And you also have a great end to some of these tougher accounts that we try for. Say the hospital, SNFs, things like that, right. So, set up something for your case managers and ask your medical director to get involved. See if they are willing to do a speech. Hospice, hospice is tough to market. We know that there is still kind of the stark shadow that falls over it and people hear the word hospice and they think, they’ve got two weeks. Well, with hospice, we also know that a lot of those benefits really come in to play for the family, for the patient themselves the sooner that we can get them involved. So that six-month mark. We know that respite services are involved with that. They’re available to the families, they’re available to the patients. A lot of people are uneducated about this. See if you can set something up, see if you can set up a set down dinner or something, and have your medical director speak. That makes a huge impact. If you have the support of them, if they’re out there also helping you to spread the education and the knowledge, you’re gonna reach more people. Everybody have a great day.