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I love viewer questions!  Thank you to the Home Care Revenue Builders member, Pamela, for asking a great question that led to this episode being created.  I can make videos all day long, talking about what I THINK you want to know about.  But when I get to make videos about things I KNOW you want to know about, it makes me feel fulfilled.  Please, keep ‘em coming!

In this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I teach you how to do a Lunch & Learn/In-service with a formula for success.  This is a great base to follow for all your in-services, even when you have more time.  This 25-minute window is long enough that you can get the main points across and teach the key players why they need to refer to you.  And it’s short enough that most facilities can find a way to squeeze you into their busy day, and you can get your foot in the door.

So here we go! 

First, you want to spend about 5 minutes giving an overview of your company.  Explain who you are, when you open, what is your niche, the number of clients on your census, who are the key people in your company, etc.  This should be brief.  If you go on talking about your company for too long, they will lose interest.  You should also give your personal reason WHY you got into this business. 

Next, you want to spend about 5 minutes on the numbers.  What numbers?  Readmission rates!  Medicare stats are available on medicare.gov.  This is FREE, public information.  Find the stats for a facility before you do your in-service, so you can show you did your research and you can be very specific on how you can help them.  Give the national figures first, then their figures, then yours.  Private Duty Home Care is usually about 5%, which in 99% of cases, will be significantly lower than theirs. 

“Refer your most difficult patients to me.  Together we can help reduce YOUR readmission rate.”

Last, you want to spend about 15 minutes talking about a specialty program your company has to help that very specific and difficult type of patient.  Since you have done your research on the facility, you will know if they specialize in something, such as strokes, or COPD, etc.  Create a brochure specifically about how your company would assist a client in that situation.  This is how you explain what home care is and how it helps the patient.   

This is your 25-minute formula for successful lunch & learn/in-services.  Practice it until you have it down!  Try this out for yourself and let me know how it worked for you.  I’d love to hear some feedback.

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