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Hi, folks!  Welcome to another episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane!” We’re wrapping up our four-week series on goal setting and time management.

Last week, we specifically tackled setting SMARTER goals and focused on the first four elements of this clever acronym:





Today we’re finishing up with the final three:




Let’s take a look.


When setting a deadline, you’re giving yourself a disciplined structure and time frame to accomplish your goals.  Going back to my personal weight loss story, I once weighed 350 pounds, and lost 125 pounds in one year.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep the weight off for the past 10 years.  But prior to this weight-loss challenge, I asked myself, “How much time would it take to go from 350 pounds to 225?”  I ultimately decided on a one-year timeline for myself, which made for realistic expectations based on my height and bone structure.

You’ll need to consider a similar question when establishing your Home Care marketing goals.  If you want to grow your business this year, ask yourself “What am I going to do next week, next month and next quarter to hit my goal?”  If you’re shooting for $100,000 in profits every quarter, what steps will you take to get there?

The timeline holds you accountable as you measure and track your progress along the way.  This timeline, however, shouldn’t be a dreadful thing to manage. 

The SMARTER goal setting process should be fun, which leads me to our final two goals:


This kicks off the fun part of the SMARTER goal setting process.  When you’re passionate about something, you’re excited!  You’re fired up and can’t wait to get your day started when waking up in the morning.  Remember, these are long term goals, so you’ll want them to be exciting.  This is where profitability comes into play and allows you to allocate for bonuses for your staff, holidays and even college savings for your children.  Working towards a certain benchmark makes the process fun, not long-winded and dreary. 

Last but not least, your goals must be:


It’s so important to stay true to your business and organization’s purpose.  What’s your mission statement, your company’s purpose?  You’re in the business of helping people, so keep asking yourself these questions to stay on track.  Patient care comes first, and then the profits will follow.  Consider your patients when defining your relevancy.  They’re the most important part of your company’s retention equation.  How do you stay relevant and competitive in the market while providing top-notch patient care?  These are the questions to focus on when considering your company’s relevancy.

So there you have it, folks!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this four-week session as much as I have.  I love goal-setting and time management discussions because they focus on the big picture of business success. 

SMARTER goals lead to growth; and you’ll dominate the marketplace by blowing away the competition if you follow this formula.  Thanks again for stopping by.  I’ll see you all next time! 

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