Hey, everyone. My name is Jen and I’m one of the coaches with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. Today I wanted to talk to you about an opportunity for a creative and fun way to get out into your top 20s and make the visit count. Oftentimes you just get stuck and you want something really fun to do where it’s no pressure and everybody has a good time doing it. So I would take time to go to a national calendar day and just figure out what was going on. Was it something fun, World Lasagna Day, was it Wear National Green Day? And I would take that as an opportunity and just make a silly excuse to get into my accounts.


Well, tomorrow is January 24th, which happens to be National Peanut Butter Day and National Compliment Day. When I was a marketer in the field, I used this day and it was one of the best marketing days ever. Not only do people still remember me by coming out and doing this to this day, it was just a great opportunity to make everybody feel good and have fun while you’re getting to know people into your accounts and maybe even some that you’ve never met before. So here’s what you’re going to do. Go out and buy some peanut butter treats in a little basket. They can be peanut butter M&Ms, you can grab some peanut butter cookies, you can grab some Reese’s Pieces. If you need to wrap ’em up in little treat bags go ahead and do that.


The other thing that you’re going to do is go to a website or think of just some generic fun compliments that you would give to somebody to be kind. There are two sites that I went to. And you can print off those compliments or you can type ’em up on a sheet of paper and then cut them into strips, fold those up and put them in the basket with your peanut butter treats as well. And some of these compliments could be you have a great heart, your smile brings brightness to the room. Maybe they could be fun and silly like you’re having a great hair day today. Anything that you can think of that would be generic and kind to say to somebody else. The next thing you’re going to do is plan out your route and go into all of your accounts. When I went in a lot of people already knew me, but if they don’t know you, introduce yourself and say who you are and tell them that it’s National Peanut Butter Day and it’s National Compliment Day, and that you do have some rules in order to play the game.


I usually let them choose one of both but I told them that they had to at least choose a compliment, and when they chose the compliment, they had to read it out loud. So now you have somebody that’s drawing a compliment from your basket, and typically there’s somebody around in the office, maybe it’s the receptionist, maybe the social worker is peeking her head out by now, and they read the compliment out loud. It was so amazing the response that you got. People would be like, “Oh, that’s so sweet.” And then somebody in the next room might say something like, “Yes, you really do have a heart of gold.” And then everybody wanted to start drawing compliments and playing. So then you would take them to the next person and have them draw a compliment. And you could go all over the building, maybe find the Director of Nursing, find your social worker, find the people who you haven’t gotten in to see those accounts and have them draw your compliment.


It was such a feelgood day and it was so impactful. There is even to this day, I can go into some of my old accounts and I can still see that folded strip of paper unfolded and tacked to a bulletin board in their offices. Just a very rewarding day. You can use it to book a meeting from a meeting, note all of the people that you talked to, who they were, what their positions were, and anything that you found out about them during that conversation. And even use this for more than just a day. It turned out so well that I actually went to different facilities later on in the week and I just said, “Hey, it was actually Thursday, “National Peanut Butter and Compliment Day, “but I had so much fun doing this “and I didn’t have a time to get to everybody “so I wanted to come to you even though “it’s a couple of days late.” Use this to your advantage. It’s fun, you’ll feel good, and the response that you get from people will make it well worth your time.


Good luck and I’d love to know your experiences.