Thank you for watching this Public Service Announcement. It is our duty as Healthcare professionals, to provide the best possible services to everyone. The aging population is growing rapidly and the Healthcare industry has to get up to speed with how to handle the challenges they are poised to deal with over the next several years.
The problems Dr. Kane faced with his mother are becoming all to common. There seems to be a disconnect within the entire Healthcare industry as to exactly what Home Care is and when it should be recommended to patients. Home Care companies can no longer point the finger at Hospitals, Physicians, Assisted Living Facilities, etc. and blame them for not making a proper referral. We have to be willing to take an active role in getting the word out, not just to our local communities, but to the nation. It is time for Home Health Care to insert itself were it belongs in the Healthcare industry as it will soon be the option that so many will be utilizing.
At my next national event in New Orleans, I will be hosting a discussion on how the Home Health Care and Hospices communities can prepare for the changes ahead and the active role they can take on educating the rest of the Healthcare industry.
These changes are happening now and we must do our part to assure we create a great overall experience for every individual who enters the Healthcare system. We can make a difference and it starts now!

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