On this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane” we continue our discussion on Power Partners. Learn the ins and outs of how to market to a closed hospital system using these relationships.


Hi everyone, Steve the hurricane here, and for today’s episode of A Drink with The Hurricane, we are going to continue our discussion of creating Power Partners.

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Today, we’re gonna talk about developing new accounts together. If you’re watching this video, I’m positive that you have a closed hospital system. Every time I speak on power partners, I say raise your hand if you have a closed hospital system and everybody raises their hand.

What is a closed hospital system? It’s a hospital system where there’s home health, hospice, rehab centers keep it in house. Meaning they refer to themselves first and foremost, and if you’re lucky, they’ll send out the scraps to whoever is available after they’ve cherry-picked everything. That’s a closed hospital system, and as I’m saying that, I know you’re all like, “Oh yeah, we have closed hospital systems here too.”

How do you get into those closed systems? Well, it’s real easy. You create power partnerships. Get to know their strengths and their weaknesses, and they should get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Two heads are always better than one. You walk into an account. You understand this concept that I’m training at the bootcamp. You understand that it’s all about what we can do for them. You go into the account. You see that receptionist that says no soliciting, and you say we’re not soliciting, we’re here together talking about collaborating on an event of some type, we’d love to speak with your admissions marketing person about a possible collaboration that could benefit all three of our companies at the same time. Are they available?

Now, here’s what happens. The receptionist, who greets everybody doesn’t know what to do, because this sounds important, and to be honest, it is important. Rising tides lift all boats.

I talk about it all the time, that’s the very nature of power partners. It is important. So what’s she gonna do? She’s gonna pick up the phone and get that admissions marketing person, and she’s gonna say, “Hey, I’m sitting here with Steve from Care Choice, and John from Vetos Hospice, and they want to talk to you about possibly doing some kind of collaboration. Could you come out and speak to them?”

That’s what they’re gonna say. Now, you know what happens on the other end? It’s one of two things. Either number one, I’m in a meeting and I can’t see you right now, so can you come back later? The receptionist says, “Can you come back later?” And you say, “Yes we can, hold on one second.” Let me check the time, you know what, “John, let’s go get lunch, and we’ll come back at 1:30. “Does 1:30 work?” “Is 1:30 okay? “Oh, it is? “1:30 is good.” Now you got an appointment.

You finally have an appointment today, same day, at an account that you have been trying to get into for months, or even years, because of power partners, because this works. The other option is going to be, “Hey, could you come see them?” “Yeah, tell ’em I’ll be right out. “Can you give me five minutes?” “Yeah, sure, no problem.” Boom, that person comes you, you understand this concept, you understand collaboration, you have your ideas down.

All of this stuff I’m gonna go over at the bootcamp. What to do in this situation, but you got an appointment. You got a reason for being there. You’re gonna share this vision of what it looks like to work together, and you’re gonna start to get your foot in the door in an account that no one else can get into.

I love talking about getting into a closed hospital system? ‘Cause I’ve been in many, and my clients have been in many, and the people who come to boot camps have gotten into many.

You know why? Because when you get into an account that no one else can get into, you are now getting exclusive referrals. They’re not bombarded with people trying to get their business, ’cause no one can get in, but you can. And when you get in there and you get those exclusive referrals, your business goes to the moon and back.

Sky high, that’s what I’m talking about! That’s power partners! Just so you understand, that was one bullet on one slide of many on how to create a power partner which is one of many topics to be covered over the three-day Referral Masters Boot Camp.

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