How can seeking out a Marketing Representative break barriers and help you get into a account ? On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve will discuss part 2 of how to develop a referral source.

Video Transcript:

Hi folks, Steve The Hurricane here and for today’s episode of A Drink with The Hurricane, we’re going to continue our discussion on how to develop a referral source.

How to develop a referral source is one of the featured presentations of the upcoming referral masters boot camp in Irvine, California in February. This is the event of the year. So I encourage you to sign up now to reserve your spot because this event will sell out.

Now, how to create a connection on the inside is step one of this five step process that I’m sharing with you. There are 4 more steps that I’m gonna discuss at the boot camp, but for today’s episode I’m gonna talk about seeking out the marketing representative.

The reason why my program is so successful, and I have literally trained thousands of home care business owners and have worked with, as a coaching client, hundreds of agencies, coast to coast and internationally. The reason why our clients are so successful is because this is a back-door approach to getting into accounts.

I know a lot of people, when they see seek out the marketing representative, they think to themselves, well Steve, it’s good to go after the marketing person, but I wanna get referrals from the social workers, the discharge planners, the case managers. That’s the person who can give me the referral, so shouldn’t I seek them out?

The answer is, of course, yes, we should. However, the first step to get into the account and to get established, we have to make sure we have the best chance possible of getting in. Now think about a social worker. A social worker sees private duty home care, hospice companies, skilled nursing home health companies, assisted living, elder law attorneys, and geriatric care managers. Think about how many of each of those six or seven different type of referral sources I just mentioned, exist in your area.

There are literally hundreds of professionals trying to see the social workers in your account. If you try to go after your social workers immediately, what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna get asked to make an appointment, you’re gonna call and email over and over and over again and the social worker is not gonna see you. And you may think to yourself, you know Steve, you’re kinda hard on social workers. I’m not. The truth of the matter is, social workers are the most overworked, under-appreciated, under-compensated, skilled position in all of healthcare.

And the reason why I say skilled position is because like a nurse or a doctor, they have to maintain a license and they have to get credits. So it’s like they’re a skilled person. Many social workers have advanced degrees, so they have masters degrees, some of them are doctors. And they make 30, 40 thousand dollars a year. So all this education, very, very little income and any time there’s a problem with the patient it’s their problem.

The family is not happy, social worker’s problem. Somebody in the building is not happy, social worker’s problem. They don’t have enough time to see us. And so therefore, it’s very difficult to see a social worker. This is the reason why we want to seek out the marketing representative. The marketing person who is the move-in specialist, the move-in coordinator, the community relations coordinator, the admissions person, or the nurse liaison. All of these positions I just mentioned are code for marketing representative. It’s easy to find these folks so that you can seek them out, start to develop a relationship, which is creating a connection on the inside and then leverage that relationship to get your foot in the door at the account to eventually meet the social worker.

Now again, this is something that I have done for the last five, six years of my life. Training hundreds and thousands of home care business owners all across the country and internationally. This is a slither, one bullet of a five step tried and true process. 90 minutes of the referral masters boot camp February 14, 15, and 16.

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