Downloadable Material to help you succeed!

Fall Prevention Program – Use this as a template to create your own “Killer Campaign”!


HME – Marketing Representative S.O.P. – Standard Operating Procedures for your Marketing Reps.


Client – Intake – Gather all the details you need on every client


Incoming Prospect Call Sheet – Handout – A great tool to help your entire staff handle incoming prospect calls.


Marketing Rep Job Description – Need to hire a Marketing Rep? Use this job description to help you narrow down your list of candidates.


HME Bonus Structure for Marketing Reps – Set your Marketing Reps up with a fair and attainable Bonus Plan!


Monthly Marketing Plan – Keep track of your marketing effort by documenting on this monthly planner.


Harvey Mackay Customer Profile 66  – Download your copy of the Mackay 66 Customer Profile to help you know your referral sources better and inhance your marketing efforts!


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