First thing you gotta do is get these face to face visits.

I’ve already talked about, a phone call, an email is not enough. The reason why so many marketing representatives and business owners are on this bootcamp right now, is because you’ve been calling people and it doesn’t work. They don’t call you back. You’ve been emailing people and it doesn’t work. They don’t call you back they don’t email you back. You stalk them on Facebook and LinkedIn and you make that further hey how’s it going? I’m so and so from blah, blah, blah home care. And then they unfriend you, right? Or they don’t respond to your messages. And it’s really, really frustrating. Like how am I supposed to get these face to face contacts, if I can’t see anybody, if this pandemic is happening, This is where we have to start off with the face to face contacts being virtual.

And I say start off because it’s an intro to eventually getting your face to face and we’ll leverage it. Now how do we get virtual though? Like, do I FaceTime? You can, you can definitely face time them if they’ll FaceTime with you, but they’re not gonna FaceTime with you and they don’t know you. Cause all about know, like and trust. They don’t FaceTime people they like, they will FaceTime people they trust. They will not FaceTime someone that they don’t know. They gotta know your first and get to like you that’s when all of that type of stuff will start to pick up and you can get your referrals that way.

So initially what I recommend you do, is go onto the social media. Find out who all the key contacts are in the referral sources that you’re trying to get into. Meet with one of your power partners face to face, go to Dunkin’ donuts and sit outside on the chairs they provide outside, like be safe, be smart. We’re in a pandemic but life goes on. We’re in a pandemic, but business still has to be conducted, and we are healthcare.

So being healthcare, we have to make sure that we continue to diligently put in our time and our effort. Meeting people for a cup of coffee at any coffee shop around the country is a very doable, realistic safe thing to do. So you meet with the power partner, you meet with a contact that you already know where you get that first person to meet with you and pick their brain. This is exactly what I did when I started Hurricane Marketing Enterprises in 2012, I went down to Florida, I went online, I researched all the accounts that I thought would be good for me to go to for business, and then the company that I was working with, they didn’t have many partners.

They had like two partners. So I said call them, let’s go out and meet them for lunch. We went out we met them for lunch, and at that lunch meeting I had my list of accounts that I was trying to get into. And I started asking them, do you know anybody who works here? What contact? What is their name? Do you have their email address? Do you have their phone number?

And they gave me everything I needed to get started so that I can then, if you put into today’s time, you have this meeting then you get all these contacts and contact information and it may only be like 10 people. May only be five people, but that’s a start.

You start there and then you build it when you meet with that person then, by the way as you’re talking business, who else should I reach out to? Who else should I know? And then they started giving you other contacts and then you do the same thing that you did to get with this person to get with those people. And then you build, it’s like a domino effect.

One build upon the other, upon the other and then you start getting the business that you’re after. Alright, so that’s the first part of it. Now with getting virtual here’s what I recommend you do. I recommend you make videos, customized videos for each and every single person who you’re trying to speak to. When you make a video it’s more personal. You can’t send an email. Everyone is sending emails. You can’t make a phone call. Everybody is making phone calls. They have no time, they are stressed out like no other, and they don’t wanna talk.

But if you make a video, it’s gonna stand out it’s gonna be different than what everybody else is doing. And I know this sounds crazy, but if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve already had hundreds of other marketing representatives and home care business owners do the same exact thing, and I did the same thing myself I’ll show you in a minute. It works. You’ll get responses because you’re doing something different from what everybody else is doing.

I want you to write this down, got something to drink my protein shake over here, okay? I will do today, write this down. I will do today, what others won’t. I will do today what others won’t. So that tomorrow, I can do what others can’t. I will do today what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t. Most people will not make videos. Which means most people will not get referrals tomorrow. You make the videos now, tomorrow your future you will get the referrals that you’re after.