Whats your plan for finishing 2017 strong? On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve discusses fourth quarter planning to develop a clear plan for your business’s success.


On today’s episode A Drink with The Hurricane, we’re going to talk about finishing in 2017 strong. Let’s jump right in!

Do you want 2017 to be your best year yet? If this year is going well for you but you want it to be better? Or is it’s going as it should, but you’re behind where you thought that you would be? The fourth quarter planning starts now!

Why? Because you have to plan your work, then you work your plan. So, if you want to have the fourth quarter for October, November and December, you have to plan it three or four weeks in advance. Now what are the things you want to take a look at?

What are your referral numbers year to date? Find out where all of your referrals have come from. What referrals sources are sending you the most referrals. Then plan going into those accounts and giving them an update on what they’ve given you to see if you can get them to refer you more in the places that you’ve been going. For those you haven’t receive referrals from, plan to have a lunch n learn in there to get referrals or a follow up meeting. Discuss with the administrator or with the person who said that they would refer you. Explain to them January through August we haven’t been receiving many referrals. What’s going on? How can we work closer? How can we work together?

This is what was called strategic planning! You have to take a look at your numbers and the numbers don’t lie.

Nick, Hurricane Marketing Enterprise’s Marketing Manager, and I were speaking about numbers earlier today. We analyzed our trends and determined where to spend money.

Another part of your fourth quarter planning is where are you going to spend your money? Are you going to invest in training? Are you going to invest in events or are you going to invest in lunch n learns? Are you going to invest in advertising and so on?

You have to look at your starting point and your foundation. Measure where you are and where you think you’re going to finish. And again, remember if you’re already exceeding where you want to be, set a new goal of finishing to continue to ride with the momentum and build as much as you possibly can to finish 2017 strong.

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