Imagine you’re at a networking event.  Someone walks up and greets you.  You respond accordingly only to have that individual now run their mouth for 3-4 minutes talking all about who they are, what they do, and why you should be working with them.  Sound familiar?  This is called “Fire Hosing” someone.

Think for a moment when this happened to you, how did it make you feel?  Did you like it?  Did it make you want to work with that person?  Did it make you feel comfortable recommending that individual to your clients?  The answer of course is a resounding NO!  So if we don’t like it, then why does almost every Home Care marketer we’ve ever met or worked with do this to people?  The business owners we coach and train all do the same, thinking it will get them those Home Care Referrals. (This is of course until they learn the proper way)

It makes sense from this perspective:

“I am talking to someone who could help me get referrals. I’ve only got 3 or 4 minutes to discuss it what I do with them.  I have to get referrals now to grow the business.  I need to win them over with how great our company is.”

So we understand why people do it.  However, the problem is, “Fire Hosing” is one of the biggest TURN OFFS of networking events.  This natural action happens because as a society everything is about “Instant Gratification” vs understanding this is a “Process” and going to take TIME!!!  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are professional relationships.  This is why they care called “Relationships” in the first place, because they take time to develop. 

There will be a time and a place to discuss your business, all you offer, and how you do it, but that comes later.  For now, notice how the second person acts in the video.  He controlled the conversation, asked engaging questions to truly learn about that contact, and made her feel comfortable keeping it interactive.  This allows for the relationship to get started on the right foot, opening the door to the opportunity for a referring relationship down the road. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg on how you can get Home Care Referrals from networking events.  If you struggle with this or avoid going to networking events because you feel you can’t get referrals from them, may we suggest you sign up for Team Hurricane right now.  The featured Webinar of the month for April is on how to get Home Care Referrals from networking events.  This is something you do not want to miss, nor can you afford to because there is so much to gain from this.  Register now so you can get the tools necessary to BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!!!