Imagine this, you’ve just hired a new Marketing Representative for your organization. He or she has a good background in sales and seems like the perfect fit. S/he is a highly ambitious individual who is ready to dominate the industry. There’s one problem, s/he was never trained on marketing to Home Care services.

On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” I will teach you strategies to accomplish when you hire a marketing rep to get that person on the path to success right away.

You may be asking, “Steve, is training my marketing rep worth the investment?”

The answer is YES! It is crucial to invest into a training program when you hire a new employee. As a business owner, I make it my mission to provide training for each and every one of my employees from day 1.


Training your employees can improve:
• Business performance
• Your company’s profit
• The needs of your staff

Here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, I invest both my time and money into employee training. I provide each individual with extensive online training as well as send them to seminars which highlight his or her’s key strengths and spend one-on-on time teaching them the exact duties of their jobs.

I have noticed that once an employee completes their training program they come back to work with an increase of motivation and productivity. If you don’t see this with someone on your staff, s/he may not be the right person for the job.

Training your marketing rep has many benefits:
• They acquire the necessary skills to go out and market your company in a proficient way. By providing training you are showing your employee your support. By investing your time with them you are showing them exactly what needs to be done within your organization.

• Keeps your employees motivated and fresh – by training your employee it allows them to understand the company on a less superficial level. It provides them with proper insight and knowledge of your products and services. This will result in better customer service as well as a return on your investment.


Instead, set them up for success by providing a clear and detailed training program for them.

Here’s an idea have them attend our Boot Camp on October 5-7th in Philadelphia. Steve “The Hurricane” has sold out Boot Camps nationwide and has transformed the lives of business owners across the nation. If you are serious about establishing a solid foundation for yourself and your business, this is the event for you! With limited seats available I urge you to register while you still can! I look forward to meeting you in Philly, where our team will teach you how to Blow Away The Competition.