Hi Folks,

As business owners we all know that hiring a Marketing Rep is crucial in order for your business to succeed. A Marketing Representative is the face of your business when developing accounts. Time and time again I get calls from business owners everywhere battling this common question of whether to hire a full time or part time Marketing Representative. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I will explain which role is better for a marketing rep.

Folks listen to me when I say this… a part time Marketing Rep yields part time results! It’s a simple concept. A part time Marketing Rep can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to develop an account which can lead to incompletion of work as well as them eventually quitting. A part time Marketing Rep may also miss out on opportunities, such as a last minute referral from an account, just because s/he “isn’t working right now.”

And don’t get me started with the thought of commission only, simply for the fact IT JUST DOESN’T WORK! A Marketing Representative’s role must be a salaried position with the opportunity to earn commission so they will WANT to go out and market.

Home Care friends, please get out of the mindset of, “a part time Marketing Rep doesn’t cost as much.” Think of it this way, if you want a return on investment you need to be able to afford a Marketing Rep. Business owners, if you cannot afford a marketing rep DON’T get one.

I know as a business owner you day to day lives are as hectic as mine is, but let me tell you, you DO have the time to go out and market your business effectively. Once you are billing about one million dollars, then by all means hire an individual to take on that role.

I know many of you are now questioning how much you should pay this marketing rep. Am I right? A full time Marketing Reps salary can range for $40,000- 80,000. I recommend paying a lower salary with a high commission rate. Why? I don’t know about you, but when I make a sale, I take pride in the hard work and dedication I put in and this makes me want to keep going. A base salary is what’s fair. It gives them some security and protects them during slower times of the year. But the commission is when they earn money. It’s what keeps them going, day after day, in a very challenging position.

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