Hi folks,

Ever walk into a facility and have a difficult time getting a referral from a Social Worker? I know I have. Social workers are a great way to gain business. However, more than often, we run into a Social Worker who will not give us the time of day. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I will teach you two ways to handle a difficult Social Worker.

You can meet a Social Worker using these two methods:

  1. Power Partners Introductions
  2. Blanketing the Account

A Power Partner is a great tool to use when dealing with a difficult Social Worker. How? You may ask. Like I say time and time again folks, Social Workers refer those who they know, like, and trust. Remember it takes 8-12 visits for a Social Worker to refer you.

Here’s how we jump start this process. Ask your Power Partner if they know this Social Worker. If so have them introduce you to her. This will allow a warm introduction as well as makes you a reputable source.

Now what if your Power Partners don’t know this key content? Now What?

If your Power Partner does not know this contact the next step is to blanket the account. Get to know everyone at the referral source, this does not mean only get to know the Social Service Department. When I mean everyone I mean everyone! By getting to know many people at the account, you are creating the know, like, and trust factor with the whole facility. This will allow others to become familiar with you and eventually will lead to gaining referrals.

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