Fourth of July is coming up! Do you know what that means? Holiday Marketing! Holiday marketing is a great way to capitalize on your business. Check out this 6-year-old throwback of Steve “The Hurricane” discussing how to use this holiday to your ADVANTAGE.

“Hey its the 4th of July, what are you doing for the holiday???” – This sentence should be coming out of your mouth to every person you see in your marketing efforts over the next few days.

I love the holidays!!!  It’s the best time to go out and have fun with marketing.  I always dressed up in some kind of costume or accessory to “Risk Being The Fool” and stand out from my competitors.  Plus it makes things light, creates a memorable experience for your referral sources, and when referral time comes, they will remember YOU!!! (and make that precious referral to you)

With this in mind, I find that most Home Care companies SLACK in their Marketing efforts as they see the holiday as a time to “take off”.  Don’t make that mistake.  Take off random Thursday and have a plan in place to get business on the 4th!!!  Why is this so crucial?  Because Hospitals and SNFs don’t close!!!  So everyone else is taking off, the Hospitals and SNFs still have discharges going home.  When they can’t get a hold of anyone of their go to agencies, this will be your shot to get in the door and come through for them by being prepared.

So here’s what I recommend you do:

  • Have a plan for how you will handle referrals on the 4th
  • Create a marketing collateral/flyer explaining this process
  • Hit the pavement and promote the plan

Then when the 4th comes, I promise you, you’ll get more referrals (And the 5th-8th too) than any year previously. Going the extra mile now will pay off dividends later.  Then take off July 11th-14th and have a BBQ w/ your family and friends.

Lastly, I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU. My commitment to you is to bring you the very best solutions to REAL LIFE marketing situations and problems that we all face as business owners and marketing reps.  It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding, and helping others is my passion.  God bless, be well, and have fun out there 🙂