Home Care Marketing

I know we like to have fun with these dramatizations, but this one in particular addresses a pretty serious matter.  Tony and I wanted to show home care agencies what NOT to do when they hire a new marketing representative.

This exact scenario actually happened to me on my very first day as a home care marketer.  I was stunned.  At the time (2005), I knew NOTHING about the healthcare industry.  I experienced what’s called “baptism under fire” – where a company simply hires a marketing rep and sends them out in the field to sell.  Miraculously, I somehow learned on the fly and taught myself little by little along the way.  But this is NOT how you want to train your marketing reps.  This is why I’m so passionate about helping and training others.  I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.  I know for CERTAIN that marketing professionals appreciate real training.  Clear, descriptive guidance on what they need to accomplish is VITAL for the entire company’s success.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Train your marketing representatives from Day 1 – Don’t be the company that gives its reps a “month or so to get started and THEN train them.”  This makes absolutely NO SENSE!  Train them immediately so they don’t burn bridges and they minimize mistakes.
  • Train yourself – It’s YOUR business, so you NEED to know exactly what it takes to market so you can better manage your reps in the field.
  • Establish accountability measures – What activities should be accomplished every day, week, month or year?  What do you consider little wins?  If you don’t have this information, INVEST in a company that can help you with this (like Hurricane Marketing Enterprises ☺ ).
  • Support your marketing rep – You need to roll up your sleeves, and dive into the trenches with them periodically.  Don’t leave it all up to them.  Join your rep in the field every week to start, then try twice a month after a probationary period.  This will develop your relationship with the rep and strengthen the bond at the referral sources.


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