Hi Folks,

Hiring employees is the start of creating a strong foundation for you and your business. As an owner, it is important to maintain a productive and efficient work environment to avoid employee turnover. The key to a successful business is to manage the expectations of your staff. On this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I have enlisted the help of HME’s Director of Operations/ Business Coach, Nicole Peretti, to discuss the common issue of hiring and managing your staff.


When hiring a new employee, it is crucial to come up with a game plan for them.

  1. Assign them a specific role.
  • Sometimes in the hiring process, it can be hard to give up some control, and trust me, that is understandable. However, it is your job as a business owner to delegate tasks to this individual. By doing this, it will not only keep the new employee busy, but it will lighten the workload on you.


2. Find out what motivates each of your employees.

  • What motivates you might be different than what motivates your staff. Some common motivators include money, praise, advancement, security, a challenge, or even time off.

3. Reward your employees.

  • Create a goal, and once your employees meet that goal, reward them. This could include a bonus, a night out to dinner, or a day off. Having your employees work towards a goal will keep them focused on each task at hand.


Hiring and managing your staff is essential for your business to grow. If you are interested in learning more staffing techniques, come to the next Hurricane’s Home Care Boot Camp in Denver, Colorado. Steve “The Hurricane” has sold out Boot Camps nationwide and has transformed the lives of business owners across the nation. If you are serious about establishing a solid foundation for you and your business, this is an event you won’t want to miss! I look forward to meeting you in Denver, where our team will teach you how to Blow Away The Competition!