As business owners, we depend on the success of Marketing Reps when it comes to marketing our companies in the field. Marketing Reps are at the forefront of your business, and it is crucial to hold them accountable. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I have enlisted the help of HME’s Director of Operations, Nicole Peretti, to teach you techniques you can immediately implement during daily interactions with your Marketers.

In most cases, a Marketing Rep spends limited time in the office. It is important for you as a business owner to check in with your Marketing Reps daily in order to be aware of what they are doing, as well as to ask if they need assistance. Remember, your Marketer’s main focus is to grow your business, so it is essential to provide your Rep with the support that he or she needs.

To start holding your Marketing Reps accountable for your business, consider implementing the following:


  1. Manage your Rep’s Activity
    • This does not mean focusing on results. Keep in mind that Marketing Reps, old or new, do not have control over the results that they yield. However, they do have control over the following:
      • Face-to-face meetings
      • How many people they see in a day, week, or month
      • Attendance at Networking/Community Events
      • Participating in activities at various facilities
      • Meeting with potential Power Partners
  1. Personal Daily Interaction (PDI)
    • This interaction could be a 5-10 minute phone call at the end of the day to discuss who they talked to, and to see if they set up an in-service at these accounts.
  2. Weekly Meeting
    • This meeting is where you go over important things that happen at the accounts they visited, such as:
      • Going over their weekly reports of their activities and face-to-face meetings
      • New referrals they have gotten
      • Learning the status of referrals


By implementing these tools, you are creating a measure of accountability for your Marketing Rep. These are concrete strategies that utilize important documentation which allows you to follow up with your Marketer and find out how things are going.

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