One of the most important aspects to strengthening your business and having longevity in the Home Care/Hospice industry is to create POWER PARTNERS. Now, there are many things you can do with your Power Partners but one of the best things is to Co-Sponsor Events together. In this week’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane”, Steve the Hurricane discusses how you and your power partners can co-sponsor an event and share in the contacts and connections!

Co-sponsoring events can not only help you develop new accounts, but also strengthen relationships with your referring network.  Here’s how to go about co-sponsoring an event:

  1. FIND A HOST – An Adult Day Center, Assisted Living, even SNF all make a great place to host an event.  Get them to provide the food for the attendees as everyone is coming to their building, so it gives them a chance to show off how great the food is here.
  2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOPIC – Most Hospice companies have a list of CEU’s they can present, so find something edgy and different.  Also many Elder Law Attorneys and Geriatric Care Managers have interesting topics to present on.  You want something people will want to attend.
  3. RAFFLE OFF A PRIZE – Purchase a Coach Purse, Visa Gift Card, iPad, etc.  By having a raffle of some sort, you “Sweeten the Pot” and will boost attendance.
  4. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT – Because you have 3 companies together sponsoring this one event, you should be able to create enough of a buzz for a nice turn out.  
  5. HAVE YOUR EVENT EARLY – Lunch and Dinner events tend to be poorly attended as its difficult to get away or people get tied up during the day.  Most successful events Steve the Hurricane pulled off, occurred in the morning, typically starting an hour to 30 mins before the business day.

Now this is only ONE  of many things you can do with your Power Partners!  First, you have to create and choose them wisely.  At the next Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp coming up at the end of this month, Steve the Hurricane will teach you the step by step process to create your Power Partners and the all the many things you can do with them to grow your business!  There is only a few weeks left and space is very limited, so get yourself registered TODAY before it’s too late!