How can LinkedIn and Facebook help you when it comes to Hospital Marketing? Watch this week’s episode to find out!


Video Transcript:

Hi folks, Steven Hurricane here. For today’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane” We are going to talk about Hospital Marketing.

Alright, Hospital Marketing, the biggest fish in the pond, or the ocean. Depending on where you play and where you roam.

Before we do anything, before we even go into hospital, before we make a play, before we can attack, before you do all the things you have to do to get into a hospital, you gotta do your homework. You have to go out on a reconnaissance mission and like a ninja you have to know your opponent before you strike so you can make that one shot kill and be left standing victorious in the end. I’m gonna take a moment and just talk about social media here. Now social media is something that Nick Bonitatibus, marketing manager at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, discusses at our boot camp, but this purpose of it is to specifically what you’re looking for with your hospitals.

So when it comes to social media, just like anything in social media, there are hundreds and thousands of individuals in our territory who are on social media. Now the only two social medias that really matter for hospital marketing I’d say, would be LinkedIn and Facebook and so today I’m gonna really talk about LinkedIn specifically. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform. Many people use it to find jobs, headhunters are constantly looking for new staff, and employees, and members for organizations. And business deals are made and created because of LinkedIn. As a matter of fact when I first started Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, I would spend a good twenty hours a week, personally, on LinkedIn. Talking to other people, getting involved in the chat groups, answering questions, and seeing people who owned home care businesses. I followed them and then they followed me, and then they would post something and I would comment on it. That’s how I got established on LinkedIn. Well the same thing applies for hospitals.

When it comes to a hospital we need to know as many connections and contacts on the inside as we possibly can. Specifically, the case workers, the social workers, and all of the executives at a hospital. Think about it, if a CEO of a hospital wants your company to be the company that they work with for a home care, how are you gonna reach that CEO? You can’t just walk in to the hospital and ask for the CEO and hope to get an appointment. It doesn’t work like that, but on LinkedIn you can find out who that CEO is, so you have a name. They usually have a profile picture, so you can find out what the person looks like. And then through several methods on LinkedIn, like sending an inbox message or getting an introduction from somebody you know who’s already friends with that person. You can get connected to the executive.

Usually you can also find out what groups that they participate in, and what are the things that they follow. So you can follow the same and participate, which will help you to further stand out. But that is why you have to use LinkedIn. Now social media takes time, it’s not an overnight thing. You can’t just go on today for the first time and hope to find all this information. You’re going to have to spend hours, and hours, and hours doing this. So if you don’t have a social media plan already in place, then you gotta put one in place and you have to commit to it. But if you do and you’re already on LinkedIn start to use some of the strategies I’m suggesting here. Research the hospital, find out who the employees are, start trying to friend those people, and find ways to get in touch with those contacts so you can start to develop the relationship online. This will eventually lead you to success when you eventually get your foot in the door at the hospital.

Now this was again one bullet really, of one slide, of how to develop a hospital. In the next couple weeks we will talk about finding out what events they have, and then finding out if they offer the services you do in and how do you deal with that?]

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