On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane”,  Steve will discuss how attending a hospital event can help raise awareness to YOU and your home care agency.

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May 9th, 2018 at 2:00PM EST

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Video Transcript:

Hi folks, Steve “The Hurricane” here. On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, we’re going to continue to discuss hospital marketing. Last week I talked about social media as part of our reconnaissance to get into the hospital. Today, I’m gonna talk about finding out what events that they have that they’re doing on a regular, consistent basis. Because one thing that every hospital has in common, is they all have some kind of non-profit, some kind of charity arm where they give back. Every hospital specializes in something. Cardiology care. I know there’s a hospital my children were born at, St. Peters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, that is a specialty in prenatal care and people fly in from all over the state. It’s one of the best prenatal care units in the entire country. So people all across the country come here when they have children or infants that have issues and they get helicoptered in.

So, because of that they are constantly doing events to promote this natal unit at the hospital and all the surgeries that they do. So whenever your hospital is doing an event, you want to find out what is their non-profit. You want to find out when they have their events. You want to consider sponsoring their events. I’ll give you an example.

Robert Wood Johnson Hospital  down in Hamilton, New Jersey, which is one of the satellite locations, had this professional beer tasting function. Not a wine tasting, a beer tasting, where they brought in all these beers from around the area and microbreweries. IPA’s, ambers, lagers, you name it they had it and they brought it in. It was a fundraiser for their non-profit. To go to it, as an attendee, it was $39 a ticket. To be a sponsor of it, started at $250 for the business. Now, I did not go to this but I know other people who did go to it and they told me it was worth its weight in gold because there was 150 to 175 people there. They were all the executives of the hospital, of the rehabs in the area, of the assisted living communities, of the home health and hospice agencies. Everybody who’s a who’s who in that part of the industry was at that event because it was a big deal. They ended up raising around $30,000.

It was a fantastic event, but just notice who I said was present. Everybody that you need to know to get into a hospital. Everybody that you need to know to get into all of those referral source types. Why? Because when the hospital does an event, everybody shows up. Most of us home care people, we miss the boat. We don’t spend the money and we don’t understand it takes money to make money. We have to invest in getting into places that other people can’t get in to. This is why we want to find out their event. This is why we want to go to their events. This is why we sponsor it.

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