Homecare Referrals

Hi, folks!   On today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” we’re wrapping up our 4-week discussion on why social workers refer whom they do. 

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I sat down with two social worker friends whom I’ve known since my own home care marketing days.  They’ve given me countless referrals over the years; and I’m so grateful to them for taking the time to give us the inside scoop on what their jobs are all about.

The tips they provide are exactly what you need in order to succeed as home care marketer.  I’m so excited to share their insights with all of you during February’s Boot Camp. 

As we bring this 4-weeks discussion to a close, we’re tackling the number one reason why social workers refer:  A safe discharge.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve seen or heard about social workers.  The truth is, they refer to marketing reps whom they believe will ensure a safe discharge for their patients.  It’s that simple.

Social Workers truly care about their patients, and you should, too!  You play just as much of a role in the discharge equation as the social worker.

Here are 3 ways home care marketers can ensure a safe discharge for patients:

  1. Review your agency’s plan of care with the social worker:  The best social workers will ask for this anyway, but this is the first, vital piece of information they’ll want in order to feel good about a referral.  Social workers need to be comfortable with your company’s course of action, so lay it all out on the table for them.
  2. Get feedback from the families:  About a week or so into a case you’ve started, ask the families if they’re happy with your agency’s services.  Encourage them to contact the social worker and provide this feedback.  Social workers actually want this feedback from families; and it’s very important to them.  As a marketer, you’ll want to follow-up with the social worker on this feedback as well.  If the response is positive, rest assured that social worker will continue to refer patients your way in the future.
  3. Provide patient updates to the Social Worker:  Social workers want to hear how their patients are doing.  You need to check-in with them and provide updates on the status of the patients they’ve referred your way.  If you don’t do this, the social workers will see that you’re only interested in gaining referrals, not truly helping their patients.  Keeping the lines of communication open builds trust, which is the key to ongoing referrals. 

Ensuring a safe discharge encompasses a full circle; so these tactics are vital, folks! 

As we wrap up this 4-week session of Social Worker tips, I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in Phoenix.  If you think these last four weeks were insightful, just wait until you come to the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp, where you’ll hear even more details from the Social Workers themselves.  It’s an exclusive training session.  Can you say, “competitive advantage?”

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Time’s running out!  So register today, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.  Cheers!