Home Care Marketing

Steve the Hurricane answers a question MANY home care and healthcare marketers/business owners ask.

Ryan, Massachusetts: “Im hitting the ground running hard. It seems every time I go to see potential referral sources, she is always in a meeting or busy. She doesn’t respond to calls or emails, how in the past did you get around this?”

  • You don’t want to see the social worker on your first visit! Why? Social workers are extremely over worked and she does not have time to respond to every email or call.
  • So who do you ask for? Start with the receptionist and get to know her.
  • Speak with a manager. It could be the Marketer, Admissions, Director of Nursing, Director of Therapy, ect.
  • How do you introduce yourself? You need to determine what you can do for them. Ask about doing an event together that could help grow their census. Collaboration is the key to success!!
  • Be sure to follow up after meeting with them.